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Meditations with Richard Miller

Nourishing Joy Product Image

Nourishing Joy, Gratitude, And Wellbeing with iRest Meditation

These five meditations are designed to support you in cultivating gratitude and joy throughout your daily activities. The invitation is to experience moments of gratitude and joy every day. Done regularly, these become powerful practices for creating a life of contentment, well-being, and delight...

Balanced Workday Product Art

iRest Meditation for a Balanced Workday

This 6-part series (an introduction and five meditations) includes 10-minute long meditations that easily integrate into your workday. Choose one to practice whenever you need to tune up or wind down. These simple meditations are effective because they act as anchor points throughout your day...

Freedom from Worry Product Artwork

Freedom from Worry: Effectively Coping with Anxiety and Stress

Even during the most troubling or overwhelming situations in your life, you have the capacity to experience an unbreakable inner felt-sense of joy, peace, well-being, and security. Your concerns or worries are messengers containing wisdom that can help you understand the actions that you..

Reclaiming Restful Sleep Product Artwork

Reclaiming Restful Sleep with iRest Meditation

Sleep is essential to our overall health. It’s as vital as food, water, and air. Sometimes a restorative night’s sleep eludes us, especially during times of stress and worry. Engaging in daytime and nighttime practices can help ease your body and mind so that you’re able to fall asleep...

Courses and Webinars

iRest for Educators and Parents Course Artwork

iRest for Educators and Parents: Nourishing Wellbeing

Teachers and parents know, at the end of the day, after giving so much of themselves to others, they’re in need of replenishment and support. As an educator or parent, when we engage with nourishing practices that foster self-inquiry and self-understanding, we cultivate a ground of mindfulness...

Co-Meditation Dyad Course Course Thumbnail

Advanced Studies Course: iRest Co-Meditation Dyads

iRest teachers, we’ve heard your requests and desire to advance your understanding and skillful facilitation of iRest Co-Meditation Dyads. Comprising new and updated material, this advanced course is your opportunity to level up your expertise, and refine and expand your technique...

Dialogue on the Intersection Between Pain Science and iRest Thumbnail

Dialogue on the Intersection Between Pain Science and iRest Yoga Nidra

It’s possible to learn how to stop running from your pain and welcome it instead. In doing so, you may come to realize that while pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. This informative two-part webinar explains: How iRest Yoga Nidra incorporates and addresses the fundamental principles of pain science...

Deepening your Inner Resource Webinar Product Artwork

Deepening your Inner Resource: Your Unbreakable Wholeness of Being

Join iRest Founder Richard Miller as he experientially explores six inquires that have been handed down through the ancient teachings of contemplative meditation, which help you recognize and directly experience your essential unchanging and ever-present Wholeness and unbreakable Well-Being that underlies true health, healing, and awakening.