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About iRest Level 2 Teacher Training Banner
About iRest Level 2 Teacher Training Banner

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The Level 1 Training provides a comprehensive overview of the clinically proven 10-Step iRest Protocol while giving you all of the tools needed to practice and get started teaching. The Level 2 Training will help you deepen your understanding of the protocol and upskill, making you a more confident and adept teacher for the specific groups and individuals you work with. The 250-Hour Teacher Certification Program is your opportunity to receive individual mentorship in your journey to become a master, embodied practitioner and teacher.


The Opportunity

Would you like to more deeply experience and embody the core of nondual teachings? Do you want to enhance your confidence and facilitation skills in leading iRest? Is it time to better serve your clients/students and community? The iRest Level 2 Training is your opportunity to:

  • Enhance your skills teaching to groups by learning to:
    • Teach an advanced practice of iRest Meditation and articulate its foundational principles
    • Study iRest as a trauma-informed practice
    • Customize iRest for specific needs and learn to create practices for sleep, stress, pain and more
    • Distinguish when, how and why to adjust the protocol
    • Interview groups and integrate their words into the practice a meaningful way
    • Expand your understanding of the neuroscience of iRest
    • Professionally prepare iRest classes, series, and workshops
  • Learn to better work with individuals by learning to:
    • Facilitate ‘stream entry’ co-meditation dyads with ease
    • Learn new skills in dyads and how to use them appropriately
    • Work with continuums of sensation, emotions, and beliefs
    • Appropriately incorporate the use of opposites, anthropomorphizing, voice dialogue and Awareness
    • Skillfully track responses and reactions
  • Delve into the philosophical perspectives that inform iRest, including:
    • The journey of awakening and the 38-step Map of Meditation
    • The six Koshas and what lies beyond
    • iRest as Mindfulness

In addition to learning new and expanded material, you will have the opportunity to learn about the latest iRest research, receive updates to the 10-Step iRest Protocol, and benefit from the updated, expanded Level 2 Training Manual.

At iRest Institute, we’ve trained over a thousand Level 2 Teachers around the world and we’ve seen how successful they are at sharing iRest with diverse communities. The Level 2 iRest training is your opportunity to expand your understanding of iRest, and to become more confident, effective, and skillful as you bring the transformative practice of Rest to the world.

Are you ready to become an expert?

The iRest Teacher Certification Program offers you an opportunity for in depth study and personal mentorship so that you can expertly navigate and embody the iRest practices and teachings that are transformational, both for you and the people you work with. You will move into the next level of skillfulness, professionalism, and take your career to the next level–whether you are teaching iRest to individuals or groups, or integrating it into your current profession.

This 250-hour program provides an unparalleled depth of learning and engagement, and is a unique opportunity for individualized, relevant mentorship for the dedicated student who wants to confidently and skillfully bring the life-changing qualities of iRest into the world.

The supported, self-study component of this program ensures that each student develops a comprehensive and profound understanding of the established tradition of yoga nidra meditation, and both the nondual teachings and the Western perspectives of neuroscience and psychology that inform iRest. This is the way to begin your journey to becoming a master, embodied Certified iRest Teacher! 

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About iRest Level 2 Teacher Training Banner
About iRest Level 2 Teacher Training Banner


The Journey

iRest Level 2 Training Journey Graphic

About iRest Institute

Founded in 2006, iRest Institute is an educational non-profit that provides events, teacher trainings, and educational content based on the teachings of Yoga Nidra presented in an accessible way for modern-day living. iRest Institute has earned the Gold Seal of Transparency on GuideStar USA.

Our MISSION is to provide people and communities with resources that transform suffering into growth, build deep resilience, and inspire insight and lasting equanimity. We do this by offering educational programs, professional meditation teacher training, and opportunities for self-discovery.

Our VISION is a peaceful world in which misperceptions that lead to suffering are resolved, and individual and global well-being are valued, nourished, and supported.

Science-Based, Research-Backed, and Used by the U.S. Military

iRest Research Partners Logos

iRest has been clinically proven through scientific trials to treat chronic pain, sleep problems, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and more. To date, there are 15 completed and active research studies and papers proving the efficacy of iRest for populations including, but not limited to, older adults, the homeless, the military community, college students, educators, and more.

Based on current studies with iRest in the military, the Defense Centers of Excellence has approved iRest as a complementary and alternative medicine warranting continuing research for its use in the treatment of PTSD. In addition, the U.S. Army Surgeon General has listed Yoga Nidra (based on research with iRest) as a tier 1 approach for addressing pain management in military care.

Research on iRest has been conducted at: Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Brooke Army Medical Center, University of Missouri, California Institute of Integral Studies, Adelphi University, Boise State University, John F. Kennedy University, John Hopkins Bayview Brain Injury Clinic, Evergreen College, Institute of Noetic Sciences, and more.

What's our Online Training Like?

  • A seamless experience using Zoom video conferencing and chat
  • Real-time access to our Trainers and Teaching Assistants
  • Techincal support staff to help you address any technical difficulties
  • Access to an online resource hub with all course materials and everything you need to successfully participate in the training
Remote video URL

About iRest Level 2 Teacher Training Banner
About iRest Level 2 Teacher Training Banner

Training Schedule

This schedule is listed in Pacific Time USA. Please use this time zone converter to convert the schedule to your local time.

This is a live online training using Zoom. You must attend each session to receive your Certificate of Completion.

Everything you need to successfully participate will be sent to you via email prior to the event start date.

Tuesday, September 19:
8:10 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. (Zoom Orientation)
8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Program
12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. Lunch

Wednesday, September 20 - Friday, September 22:
8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Program
12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. Lunch

Saturday, September 23:
8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Program
12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. Lunch


Meet Your Trainers


Headshot of Richard Miller

Richard Miller PhD, C-IAYT, ERYT-500

Richard Miller is a world-renowned spiritual teacher, author, yogic scholar, researcher and clinical psychologist who has devoted his life to integrating western psychology and neuroscience with the ancient nondual wisdom teachings of Yoga, Tantra, Advaita, Taoism, and Buddhism

He is committed to bringing the healing benefits of iRest to all segments of our population. In addition to founding the iRest Institute, Richard was also the co-founder of The International Association of Yoga Therapy and founding editor of the professional Journal of IAYT.

Headshot of Karen Soltes

Karen Soltes MSW, M. Ed.

Senior iRest Trainer Karen Soltes holds Masters's degrees in both Clinical Social Work and Counseling. She has worked in a variety of therapeutic and educational settings for the past 35 years.

Karen taught iRest at a Washington D.C. VA hospital for the Integrated Health and Wellness Program for 8 years. There, she saw iRest alleviating the symptoms of PTSD, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Karen is a founding partner of Warriors at Ease, whose mission is to train yoga and meditation teachers in military settings.


This is your opportunity to enhance your ability to facilitate iRest to groups and individuals, take a closer look at iRest as a trauma-informed practice, and deepen your philosophical understanding so you can better integrate iRest into your life. Your tuition fee includes:

  • The updated Level 2 Training Manual
  • Access to an online portal with everything you need to successfully participate in the training
  • A team of production specialists and teaching assistants alongside Richard Miller and Karen Soltes to answer your questions and ensure a smooth experience
  • 5 days of live online instruction
  • Monthly livestream teacher sessions beginning in October to gather with fellow teachers and learn from a Senior iRest Trainer
  • Access to our online Level 2 Teacher Resources hub with scripts, webinars, and marketing material
  • A recording of your training available for a full year after completion
  • An additional free webinar, iRest Co-Meditation Dyads: Review, Update, and Inspire, to learn more about how co-meditation dyads provide a context for transformative healing, integration, and insight.
  • Next steps and resources for continuing to share iRest with others

If you’re feeling ready to go even deeper and work with a mentor to address your unique teaching needs and interests, you can bundle the September Level 2 Training and the 250-hour Teacher Certification Program today and save $1,000 USD through September 10!

iRest Level 2 Training Pricing Options

iRest Level 2 Training Payment Options

NOTE: In order to bundle your Level 2 Training and Certification payments to save $1,000 USD, you must add both products to your cart during Shopify checkout. The discount will automatically be applied when both items are in your cart. 

FREE! Bonus Materials

1. Beginning in October 2023, we will host free monthly livestream teacher community sessions so you can gather with other teachers and continue your learning! You can expect to be led by a Senior iRest Trainer, have engaging discussion, and plenty of time for Q&A.

2. A free webinar iRest Co-Meditation Dyads: Review, Update, and Inspire, to learn more about how Co-Meditation Dyads provide a context for transformative healing, integration, and insight.

3. A recording of your training will be available for one year after you’ve become an iRest Level 2 Teacher, so that you can continue to reference the material and deepen into the teachings after you’ve completed your training (live attendance during the livestream training is mandatory in order to receive your certificate).

What our Graduates Have to Say



Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be an iRest Level 1 Teacher to do this training?
Yes, our Level 1 Training is a required prerequisite. While there is no specific time frame recommended between Level 1 and Level 2, for those who plan to teach iRest or work with others professionally, we recommend you take some time to deepen into the teachings between the two trainings. Gaining experience teaching groups and offering co-meditation dyads will enhance your learning as a Level 2 participant because you will have direct and informed questions based on your ground of experience.

Can I take this training if I’m not currently teaching?
Yes, as long as you’ve completed our Level 1 Training you can take the Level 2 Training. While we encourage those who plan to actively teach iRest to take some time to gain teaching experience between Level 1 and Level 2, many other people take the Level 2 Training because they are interested in deepening their own personal practice and exploration of nondual philosophy so in those cases, no teaching experience is required.

If I’ve already taken the Level 1 Training, why bother with Level 2? Is there enough new material to justify a second Training?
Absolutely! Not only will students deepen their understanding of teaching to groups and individuals (co-meditation dyads), they will also learn more about the philosophical perspectives underlying iRest, get an update on the research and neuroscience, and take a closer look at iRest as a trauma-informed practice. Here is a preview of some of the new material covered in Level 2:

I haven’t perfected everything from the Level 1 Training, can I still take Level 2?
Yes! Learning is an iterative process. We offer a supportive and dynamic learning environment. If you have a clear understanding of the basics of the iRest Protocol please join us.

I only use iRest tools in one-on-one settings, will this training be valuable for me?
Absolutely, the Level 2 Training will deepen your understanding of the teachings. It will also evolve and improve your facilitation of co-meditation dyads.

Do I need to complete the Level 2 Training before I can enroll in the iRest Teacher Certification Program?
No. Our 250-Hour Teacher Certification Program offers you an opportunity for in depth study and personal mentorship so that you can expertly navigate and embody the iRest practices and teachings. You can enroll in the Teacher Certification Program anytime after completing the Level 1 Training. The Level 2 Training is a requirement to become a Certified iRest Teacher. Level 2 can be completed before or during the Teacher Certification Program—that’s why we are offering this special “bundle pricing” opportunity to enroll in both now and save.

Is the history and philosophy religious or dogmatic in nature?
No, as you learned in Level 1, iRest supports first-hand experiential understanding, pointing each individual within. The teachings fully support this approach.

What do I need technology-wise to participate?
We use Zoom for our live online trainings so you just need a phone, tablet, or computer, and decent internet connection to participate live each day of the training.

If I can’t make it to all five days of the training live, can I watch the recording?
No. Live online participation each day is mandatory to receive your certificate and become a Level 2 Teacher. Attendance is taken each day. A recording of the training will be available for a full year after the training is completed for students to reference the material in the future but it is not a substitute for attending live.


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† CE credits for psychologists are provided by the Spiritual Competency Academy (SCA) which is co-sponsoring this program. The Spiritual Competency Academy is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Spiritual Competency Academy maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

The California Board of Behavioral Sciences accepts CE credits for LCSW, LPCC, LEP, and LMFT license renewal for programs offered by approved sponsors of CE by the American Psychological Association.

LCSW, LPCC, LEP, and LMFTs, and other mental health professionals from states other than California need to check with their state licensing board as to whether or not they accept programs offered by approved sponsors of CE by the American Psychological Association.

SCA is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN Provider CEP16887) for licensed nurses in California. RNs must retain their certificate of attendance for 4 years after the course concludes.

For questions about receiving your Certificate of Attendance, contact iRest Institute at support@irest.org. For questions about CE, contact Spiritual Competency Academy at info@spiritualcompetencyacademy.com.