A Unique way to Support IRI by Richard Miller

As an iRest®-Teacher-in-Training or Certified Teacher I'd like to urge you to join the iRest Teachers Community Network (TCN) for your own support, as well as a way to support our ongoing and new programs we’re building for you here at the iRest Institute. 
The IRI office team has spent precious time and resources building and continuing to add to a library of support materials to help you bring iRest and the nondual teachings into the world. Your tax deductible yearly membership (as a business-related expense) is a unique way for you to support IRI to continue bringing our unique trainings, programs and new offerings into the world. Here are  just a few of the many projects that your yearly membership makes possible worldwide:

  •     Ongoing iRest Trainings (Level 1, II and Certification)
  •     iRest Personal Practice Immersion Workshops (iPPI)
  •     IRI participation at conferences to help educate the larger community as to the iRest and nondual teachings
  •     Continuing research on iRest (currently we have four projects in the mill)
  •     Showcasing the efficacy of iRest for helping empower the homeless, veterans, youth, and survivors of human trafficking

Your support of IRI through your yearly TCN membership helps enable us to engage new and expanding projects such as the development of smartphone apps that will enable you and your students to access iRest and IRI teachings on phone and computer. We’re looking forward to these apps that will eventually include iRest practices, BodySensing Movement, Pranayama routines, meditation and talks addressing the various aspects of the nondual teachings that underlie your practice of iRest.
So take a moment now to click this link and join or renew your membership to the TCN. You benefit. Your students benefit. The world benefits. Your membership is a win-win-win situation for you, IRI and the greater world of people who will learn and benefit from yours, and the IRI offerings.