The Path of Meditation by Dagmar Dahle


In this map of the The Path, the chaos of the experience of meditation is combined with the order and linearity of Richard’s map. The numbering system is repeated twice: once in the ‘proper’ order and once askew. The five Kanchukas encircle the chakra body, which expands outward in all directions, off the page into the infinite beyond. Earthy and bodily, steps 1 – 14 circle the rubber stamp globe; the circles become larger as we move up the map to #38 (“GONE”) and off the page. The circular steps as well as two of the large # 38’s are cut out of the paper. Three other large-scale number 38’s offer a reminder of ever-present expansive awareness. Three dot grids form a matrix in which all of this resides. Fine brush marks signify sensations, gross and subtle that circulate constantly and chaotically.

The IRI Team would like to thank Dagmar for her beautiful rendition of the Map of Meditation