Australasia iRest® Events

For a full list of upcoming iRest Australasia regional events please visit:


An important event for your calendar this year is:

The Meditation Australia Conference, Melbourne

Friday 22 July to Sunday 24 July, 2018

Robin Carnes and Fuyuko Toyota will be presenting a special Masterclass and Robin will also be one of the international keynote presenters.

Meditation Australia membership

Did you know that iRest Certification is recognised by Meditation Australia? Being a Meditation Australia member is a well respected credential within the meditation and yoga communities and also across other sectors such as education and health. If you are a certified iRest teacher you are eligible to join Meditation Australia as a full member and registered meditation teacher and if you are a level 1 or level 2 teacher in training you are eligible for provisional membership.

Reminders for all teachers:

  • Have you set up your profile on the website and included yourself in the ‘find a teacher’ listings?
  • Have you considered joining the Teachers Community Network and enjoying all the benefits?
  • Have you liked the IRI Australasian Facebook page?  Do you visit it weekly?

iRest Australasia Teacher’s Community

Sidney group

A meet up for Sydney iRest teachers was recently held, with quarterly catch ups to follow.  In our first meeting we shared how we’re each using iRest in our lives, both personally and as a teaching application professionally.  We discovered a breadth of interests amongst us; across military, health and other public service settings. For populations including; kids, those experiencing domestic violence, amputees and people with mental health challenges.  There was lots of passion, and ideas were flying about how to spread the precious iRest teachings via our various contacts and within our contexts.  We finished with a practice and all enjoyed the opportunity to come together in recognition of these teachings that we hold dear to our hearts. If you’d like to be added to the list of people interested in attending an iRest teacher’s catch up in the Sydney area, please email

Have you thought about holding a teacher’s meet up in your region? iRest Australasia would love to support you to do so.  If you’d like to discuss ideas about how to get started please send a message to the iRest Australasia Facebook page or email For those of you in New Zealand, please email

There is a ‘Teacher's Meet Up Noticeboard’ post pinned to the top of the iRest Australasia Facebook page where we can display details of any upcoming events.  Just send a message to the Facebook page if you’d like us to add something to this post for all to see.