Thank you for your amazing support!

With your help, the iRest Institute continues its mission of helping people resolve their suffering and experience deep healing and peace. 
We deeply value the benefits of meditation and are grateful to continue to share the practices and teachings with you.
Your ongoing support in 2017 allowed us to award close to $15,000 in scholarships. Your support also allowed the iRest Institute to consult on several research projects with the Institute of Noetic Sciences utilizing iRest to help elders with depression, sleep issues and pain; a longitudinal research study at Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune, measuring the effectiveness of iRest on active duty patients with mild TBI and a research study at Loyola Academy (high school) in Wilmette IL measuring the effectiveness of iRest on building self esteem in adolescent girls.

We gratefully acknowledge these contributions received between January 1 and December 31, 2017. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this listing.  Please notify us of any corrections by contacting us here or calling us at 415 456-3909.

Gemma Adams
Tucker Adams
Maggi Aebi
Emily Andrews
Patti AntiKauskas
Rachelle Atkinson
Kathleen Bain
Carol Balfe
Philip Beck
Jonathan Bernstein
Angela Berg
Mukti Bhukti
Wandajune Bishop-Towle
Cathy Blanford
Gretchen Blum
Gail Bursell
Hannah Caratti
Candice Carlton
Robin Carnes
May Chen
Steve & Paula Child
Sara Clerk
Catherine Cobeaga
Tim Colohan
Magali Cormier
Dennis Couwenberg
Katherine Dickson
Jeanne Dillion
Martha Dixon
Gabrielle Duebendorfer
Elen Duff
Janet Durfee
Carol Ann Dyer
Barbara Eastham
Richard Echler
Carolyn Espel
Sheila Figliotti
Ann FitzGerald
Jacklyn Folkert
Sheila Fox
Theresa Frost
Gayatri g
Kassie Gada
Janice George
Cristina Gibson
Nole Giulini
Jill Glavan
Margaret Guerra
Kirsten Guest
Sally Henning
Michael Hoffman
Linda Hope
Bruce Hopper
Clarissa Hughes
Robert Hutton
Alberto Jarabo Martin
Suzanne Joyce
Dennis Kast
Alan Kaye
Ellen Kenemore
John Kepner
Diane Knerr
Steven Kruger

Melanie Law
Karen Lazarus
Durga Leela
Theresa Leonard
Richard Litwin MD
Lucy Lomax
Nancy Long
Stephanie Lopez
Ellen Macgran
Maha Malik
Jill & John Manly
Wendy Marshall
Lynda Meeder
Caitlin McIntosh
David McIntyre
Cameron McKinley
Lynda Meeder
Melinda Mentrum
Anne Miller
Richard C Miller
Arch Monson
Johanna Maheshvari Mosca
Marthe Murphy
Stacy-Colleen (SC) Nameth
Carmela Naseby
Jacqui Neurauter
Linda Oshins
Bill Passey
Herdis Pelle
Corinne Peterson
Noelle Poncelet
John Prendergast
John Records
Lynnell Reese
Lily Revere
Linda Ries
Bruce Riley
Jill Rock
Mary Ellen Rose
Julie Rowland
Therese Ryan
Janice Sack-Ory
Judy Shaper
Michael Sheridan
Kathy Sloan
Karen Soltes
Spiral Path Yoga
Michelle Stobart
Mary T. Steinberg
Agnes Stewart
Kathleen Stewart
Rebecca Sullivan
Rufus & Jack Tieder
Janet Timbol
Timeless Gentle Yoga
Mary Walters
Bettina Von Moltke
Samantha West
David Wilderman
Constance Williams
Terry Wilson
Tracy Wyatt
Bree Zikmundovsky