Love Manifest by Richard Miller

There are several sayings that I find profound as I’ve come to understanding love.

“Wherever we believe another as separate from ourselves, there is anxiety and fear.”

“The opposite of fear is love. Love has no opposite. Herein lies the peace that passeth all understanding.”

As long as we subscribe to our belief in separation—that everything around us is separate from ourselves—we will experience anxiety and fear. Why? Because separation doesn’t actually exist in actuality. It’s conceptual—a product of the thinking mind and five senses, working in concert for survival, to maintain social relationships, which depend upon seeing others as separate.

Meditation informs us otherwise. Meditation enables the mind and senses to unhook from this habitual conditioned reflex to see separation. Here, we recognize our underlying non-separation with the entire cosmos. In this moment we recognize the Mystery that has given birth to ourselves and the entire universe, as a dynamic stillness that we call, love.

Why do we call it love? Because from the meditative disposition, we realize we ARE the Mystery. We are the Divine that has given birth to the entire cosmos. And everything we see, we recognize as our progeny—what we have given birth to. We are the Divine, who loves all of her children.

Meditation is an invitation from the heart, to recognize and experience love, at both relative and absolute. Relative means, to experience our humanness in intimate relationship with those around us—lover, spouse, children, friends—everyone—where love comes and goes. Absolute means to experience the underlying love that is our divinity, that is unchanging, no matter our circumstance, or with whom we’re in relationship—friend or so-called enemy. From or eyes of the Divinity, we see everyone as our self. No exceptions!

Most of us are still playing hide and seek. We hide while the Divine seeks our attention. We are constantly being called from our heart, to come back to the home we never left. We are constantly being invited to wake up from the dream of ‘me’ as separate. To awaken to love that is unchanging, always present, where all opposites are reconciled in their homeground of Love. Herein lies the peace that passeth all understanding. Here, I rest in and as love.