Anne Douglas

Many of you have gotten to know Anne Douglas over the years through the many roles that she’s assumed here at IRI as a

Anne Douglas

• Certified iRest Teacher
• iRest Supervisor and Mentor
• Senior iRest Trainer
• Director of IRI Trainers
• IRI Board of Directors

You may also have gotten to know Anne having experienced her through the superb teachings that she’s offered at my retreats and workshops both in Canada and the US, as well as through IRI trainings and retreats in Canada and Ohio.

I’m delighted to announce that Anne has now stepped into an additional role as an IRI Senior Retreat Leader where she’ll be leading IRI Sponsored Retreats and Workshops that incorporate the integrated teachings of nondual awakening through the path of self-inquiry, loving kindness, integration and wholeness. Anne is adept at delivering the ancient nondual wisdom teachings in a manner that makes them easily accessible to all. Her innate curiosity, enthusiasm for life and inherent loving and compassionate nature provide a supportive, safe and nurturing environment that enables participants to intimately explore the nature of their own experience. I take delight in knowing you will be in great hands with Anne as your teacher as her teachings call you to experience inquiry as both a sensually delightful and effervescently joyful and playful experience, while at the same time revealing the deepest understandings that these precious teachings can convey. Anne calls you to move beyond your limiting beliefs and awaken to your inherent freedom and liberation within, and interconnectedness with all of life.

Please do watch for her coming retreats on the IRI Calendar.

Richard Miller
iRest Institute