A Warm Welcome to IRI's New Director of Human Trafficking Relief

IRI takes great pleasure in announcing the appointment of Molly Birkholm as IRI’s Director of Human Trafficking Relief.

Molly is a longtime friend of IRI, a Certified iRest Teacher and Senior iRest Trainer. Molly position at IRI, along with leading iRest trainings, workshops and retreats, will be to help IRI bring the iRest and nondual teachings to survivors of human trafficking around the world. One of IRI’s first projects here, is getting iRest scripts translated into Nepalese and Hindi. We’re also partnering with Academy Award winning Director, Jeffrey Brown who is helping IRI in fundraising, and Silvia Vasquez (www.courageousgirls.org) who is in the process of preparing five Nepalese and 10 American women to trek to the base camp of Mt. Everest as part of their journey in healing through the violence they’ve endured in their lives. iRest Senior Trainer Monica Hanson will be teaching iRest to the American women, and IRI is sending the Nepalese transcribed iRest scripts and recordings so the women in Nepal can be trained in iRest. In the coming months, IRI will also be sponsoring Molly to travel to India and Nepal to work and train women in Nepal and India in iRest, as well as train iRest teachers who can carry this important work forward in these countries.

In Molly’s Words…

At the core of the iRest teachings is the liberating revelation that our underlying essential nature always remains untouched by our traumas. Think of the life-changing power this realization can create in the lives of Survivors of Human Trafficking. This year, we have the precious opportunity to offer an iRest Level 1 training to Survivors of the Sex Trade who now live in orphanages and safe houses in India and Nepal. James

We are thrilled to be partnering on this important initiative with fellow iRest practitioner, iRest Level 1 teacher-in-training and Academy Award Winning Director, Jeffrey Brown and his Producer, Jane Charles, both of whom directed and produced the upcoming full-length motion picture, SOLD

I am also working with iRest Senior Trainer, James Reeves, who is leading iRest programs in London in concert with the Helen Bamber Foundation, which works directly with survivors of catastrophic violence and loss (www.helenbamber.org).

We look forward to expanding IRI’s programs of working with survivors of human trafficking in the United States and beyond in the coming years. Please help empower this important initiative of IRI by making a tax-deductible donation of any size to support our very first iRest Training for Sex Trade Survivors in India, as well as our continuing work in this important arena. To make your donation, please go to: https://www.crowdrise.com/irestforsurvivors/. I look forward to working with you in the coming months to move this important work forward.