Featured Teacher : Ross Guest

iRest Certified Teacher (Level V Supervisor) & IRI Executive Director

Kimberley, BC, Canada

It is an honor to be recognized as the featured teacher in this newsletter where so many talented and dedicated teachers have been spotlighted. When I first met Richard on retreat 17 years ago, I had just retired from corporate law and definitely was not looking for a job. Through the years, with Richard’s guidance, I have transitioned from student to teacher to Supervisor and now to Executive Director (ED) of this amazing organization.

The role of ED reduces the time and energy I have for teaching but I realize that supporting the business side of IRI is another form of service to our mission of relieving suffering in the world. When teaching classes and workshops, we directly meet those around us as we share the understanding and healing of iRest and the nondual wisdom teachings. Seemingly remote from teaching, yet no less in service to IRI's mission, are the hundreds of others who, in so many different ways, often behind the scenes, move the work of IRI forward. The staff at the office in San Rafael, the Directors of IRI's growing special interest groups, the board of directors, and the IRI Supervisors all provide necessary service to IRI's mission.

Creating flyers for a new training event, transcribing a talk by Richard for future publication, volunteering at the IRI office, or donating a portion of the proceeds from cookie sales all become subtle and beautiful movements for propelling the work of IRI forward.

At times while trying to balance the priorities of IRI against IRI’s limited financial resources, it can feel frustrating to see so much potential at IRI that is not able to be realized and delivered fully for lack of funds. Each donation IRI receives, whether large or modest, speaks to the generosity of the donor's support of the IRI mission. I am so grateful to each person who chooses to donate as their way of taking the work of IRI further into the world.

As iRest teachers, we often have the satisfaction of hearing students tell us directly how the iRest practice has eased their suffering, improved their sleep, or helped them move more gracefully through their lives. When students share their stories of the many ways trainings, retreats, workshops, books, and recordings have brought peace and joy into their lives, it is important to remember the many unselfish acts, performed by so many generous people that are necessary to support the sharing of these precious teachings.

It is easy to understand the powerful ripple effect as each student completes their Level 1 Training and moves out into the world to deliver iRest to groups and individuals. There is an equally important and powerful ripple effect that supports the easing of the world's suffering when a volunteer steps forward or a donor renews their monthly pledge to support the work of IRI.

Working directly with our students or working remotely as a volunteer or donor, we all share in the wonderful news when an iRest teacher hears the gratitude from those whose lives have been touched and changed through our work. I hope each of you feels deeply satisfied that, in your own way, you have moved the work of IRI forward into a world so ready for, and so in need of healing.