2022 October iRest Level 1 Training (US) Participant Resources Page Access

Welcome to the gateway for accessing the Participant Resources Page for the October 2022 iRest Level 1 Training Livestream and in Berkeley, CA with Stephanie Lopez. 

The Participant Resources Page will be like a home page for the training where you will be able to access all training materials and resources, including the information you need to join the Zoom meeting.

To gain access:

  • Click on "Add to Cart" below and move through the "checkout" process. You will not need to enter any credit card information.
  • You will be asked to either sign into your iRest.org account, if you aren't already, or create a new one during this process.
  • Once you complete the above process, you will be able to access the Participant Resources Page by clicking on "My Account" (top right of your browser), then "My Products," then by clicking on the link you'll see for the "PREMIUM CONTENT NODE PUBLIC TITLE"
  • You may wish to bookmark the Resources Page in your browser for future ease of access. Please note, you will always need to be logged into your account iRest.org to access it.

If you'd like more detailed instructions, click here.

If you have any trouble, you may always reach out to info@irest.org for website or product inquiries.