Advanced Studies Course: iRest Co-Meditation Dyads

iRest teachers, we’ve heard your  requests and desire to advance your understanding and skillful facilitation of iRest Co-Meditation Dyads. Comprising new and updated material, this advanced course is your opportunity to level up your expertise, and refine and  expand your technique.

Enrich your understanding and appreciation of this transformational practice and enhance your skillful application of dyadic inquiry and facilitation under the expert guidance of Senior iRest Trainer, Anne Douglas and Senior Director of Teachings and Programs, Stephanie Lopez. They’re thrilled to bring you a new perspective and a range of updated material.

This advanced course is designed to complement the Level 1 and Level 2 iRest Trainings by providing an additional layer of practical and theoretical understanding.  

Expect to refine and expand your dyadic skill set, and observe a variety of Dyad demonstrations engaging the new material and key concepts. Your new understanding will evolve your personal growth and practice, how you navigate interpersonal relationships, and your confidence and efficacy in facilitating dyads in professional settings.

In this six-hour program, you will:

  • Identify common challenges and blind spots that you may encounter as a facilitator
  • Learn specific techniques that support integrative healing and foster a deeper understanding of essential nature
  • Explore Presence and Resonance as effective guides of facilitation
  • Learn new skills and build out existing ones, including Anthropomorphization, Voice Dialogue with Messengers, and Continuums, to expertly support dyadic inquiry
  • Develop the necessary skills of Tracking and Pacing
  • Integrate skillful use of Affirmation and Sankalpa
  • Explore the new perspective of the Five Acts of Consciousness as a model for Co-Meditation Dyads
  • and much more!

This course is prerecorded, providing you with the opportunity to view and review the material on your own time and at your own pace.

You’ll receive 14 unique modules, including five live Co-Meditation Dyad demonstrations with debriefs, and optional homework to integrate the new information covered.

This course is created specifically for students who already have a basic, clear understanding of iRest Co-Meditation Dyads. Prior completion of Level 1 iRest Teacher Training is a minimum requirement.

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