The Ease of Being - Just Say Yes : A Personal Retreat with Richard Miller

A Personal Retreat with Richard Miller PhD

The Ease of Being - Just Say Yes

Intimacy, truth, authenticity, love, right action and freedom are always knocking from the inside, longing for expression. These are natural expressions of our true nature and blossom when we realize and embody our native ground of Being. This is a rare opportunity to join Richard Miller for a personal retreat in your own living room. As you take a break from your daily routines and rest in your inherent sense of wholeness and interconnectedness with all of life. This retreat offers you an invitation to let go of all self improvement projects and allow yourself to be drawn into your true self. Richard shares the paradox of non-dual instruction through practices of Body sensing, Meditative self-inquiry, iRest Yoga Nidra, Spirited Dialogue and the Presence of Being.

Includes 14 Mp3 tracks and a Personal Digital Booklet. This booklet contains a Body Sensing practice, The Way of Meditative Self-Inquiry, Chant Booklet, Mudras and a Pranayama Practice.

Recorded Live at a 3 day retreat on February 27-March 2, 2014 at IONS, CA

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