Flowering of Freedom - Session 5: Five Categories of the Mind: Pancha Vrttis

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Elements that are covered:

Chanting "Praise to Patañjali" opening blessing Review from Session 4 Sutras 1. 1-4 Chanting Sutras I. 5-11 In-Depth Discussion of Sutras I. 5-11 Meditation Sutras I. 5-11 present the five principle activities of the mind, and how our identification with them gives rise to give rise to misperception, which in trun, gives rise to feelings of pleasure, pain or neutrality with regards to our experiences in life. By understanding these dispositions of the mind, we can come find our freedom from identification with these movements, even as they continue to arise. How can this be so? Because our true nature exists independent of the various movements of the body, mind, senses and emotions. Through discriminative wisdom, we grow our capacity to know our ultimate nature which reveals our true happiness, which is independent of cause and effect, and always present and available as the most trustworthy and reliable foundation upon which, and in which our living unfolds. This zip file contains The Flowering of Freedom Study Group Session 5: Recording Part A (MP3), Recording Part B (MP3). Recorded May 16, 2012 at The Sunrise Center Corte Madera, CA