Give Yourself to the One Who Already Owns Your Breath (MP3 Download)

Self-inquiry. By Richard C. Miller PhD

Give yourself

Give Yourself to the One Who Already Owns Your Breath

Self-inquiry invites you to step through the door of the known and awaken to your authentic aliveness, your essential nature: 'This,' which is simple, beautiful, equanimous, indescribable, and yet undeniable, neither coming nor going, ever-present, yet so often ignored because of its simplicity. Here, fear, suffering, and anxiety dissolves. We abide as equanimity, love, and joy in the midst of daily life. We are at peace. This is the integration of enlightenment in daily life throughout all changing states of consciousness. End your search by giving yourself completely to 'This' that already owns your breath and moments. So simple; not difficult; so necessary. Salient Points or Themes: Recognition of our essential nature Being as the doorway to recognition of our essential nature Five inquires as gateways to being our essential nature: Where am I? When am I? What am I? How am I? Who am I? “I” is an activity, not an entity Releasing identification with the activities of sensation, thought, attention, I-ness, self-consciousness, being, and awareness Recorded May 13, 2014 at the Marin Open Circle