iRest 10-Step Protocol Illustrated Poster

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iRest Yoga Nidra

Proceeds to Fund iRest Scholarships

What is iRest, exactly? Sometimes, words just don’t suffice. That’s why iRest Mentor and Supervisor Sam Loe, who is also trained in visual arts, collaborated with fellow creator Megan Salole to devise this lively illustration.

Says Sam, “Visual learners are said to make up 65% of a typical class and yet often in yoga or relaxation classes we mostly rely on auditory and kinesthetic learning styles. I encourage yoga teachers to bring in more visual imagery into the classroom, even if it’s showing a photo or sharing images from a book.”

Whether you are just learning iRest or helping others do the same, download and use this illustrated poster in any setting, from home to classroom to studio. We invite you to print this image as a poster, handout, or other teaching tool. With thanks to the artist, we are offering proceeds from every sale to fund iRest Institute scholarships.

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