iRest for Educators and Parents: Nourishing Wellbeing

with Clearlight Gerald

iRest for Educators and Parents Course Artwork

Teachers and parents know, at the end of the day, after giving so much of themselves to others, they’re in need of replenishment and support.

As an educator or parent, when we engage with nourishing practices that foster self-inquiry and self-understanding, we cultivate a ground of mindfulness that naturally serves us, and the wellbeing and healthy development of children in the classroom and at home.

This 7-hour course, created in collaboration with JabuMind and iRest Institute, introduces you to the key concepts and practices of iRest Meditation, which reduce stress, support the skillful navigation of life’s ups and downs, and deeply nourish your inner world.

In this course you’ll deepen your understanding of:

  • How iRest supports wellbeing through the lens of neuroscience and polyvagal theory
  • How the wellbeing of educators and adults can support the wellbeing of children
  • How to reconnect with a sense of meaning and inspiration in your role as teacher or parent
  • Specific strategies to expertly navigate difficult emotions which will help you respond rather than react
  • How to build resiliency as you learn and practice healthy strategies for navigating the daily demands of your personal and professional life.
  • How to replenish and nourish yourself in times of fatigue or exhaustion, and cultivate kindness and compassion towards yourself
  • Why the breath is an accessible and powerful tool for centering and self-regulation
  • How to nourish joyfulness and a connection to authentic gratitude within your daily life, including your interactions with your students and children
  • Meditations that support your needs as an educator or parent, including grounding after technology or noise overload, coping with nervousness or insecurity before a classroom observation, and deeply resting at the end of the day
  • Specific ways you can share the benefits of iRest with children and teens at home and in the classroom through video instruction, written exercises, and creative activities

You’ll be supported in building resiliency and a repertoire of self-nourishing practices, learning practical tools to integrate during meditation and in your daily life. These include: breathing to promote calm and vitality, a skillset to expertly navigate whatever emotions you’re experiencing, and direct ways to connect to your sense of unshakeable wellbeing. As you balance your nervous system and reconnect to yourself, you’ll directly benefit the children in your care who depend on, and mirror, your wellbeing.

This course was created for busy teaching professionals and supports Social Emotional Learning protocols (SEL). Each bite-sized learning segment and transformative wellness practice can be realistically integrated into  work and daily life. Each segment offers insight and strategies to address many of the common challenges faced by educators and parents.

You’ll also be inspired to empower children with specific iRest practices for their wellbeing. These are valuable tools that they’ll have for life. You’ll learn effective ways for children to cultivate resilience and a flexible nervous system, integrate mindfulness and centering practices, and develop strategies to navigate difficult emotions and circumstances at school and at home.

This course includes:

  • Themed learning segments divided into digestible sections for busy teachers and parents
  • 14 short meditations and 3 full length iRest meditations that bring immediate benefits and develop a firsthand experience of the principles you’ll study
  • PDFs with written course materials including:
    • An activity book and poster for children, iRest for Navigating Emotions: Social Emotional Learning for use in the classroom or at home
    • Inspiration and exercises for educators and parents,Sharing iRest with Kids and Teens with detailed home and school activities for each step of iRest
    • A reading list for the elementary school level, organized according to each step of iRest
    • The slide presentation from the videos with more than 50 pages of resources

Course Outline:

  • Section 1: Introduction to iRest Meditation: An Overview
  • Section 2: Calm & Balance: Regulating the Nervous System with iRest
  • Section 3: Guiding Principles of iRest: In Meditation & In Daily Life
  • Section 4: Establishing Inner Resource: Cultivating Wellbeing
  • Section 5: The Path to Intention: Exploring the Steps
  • Section 6: Sensing the Body: Foundational Principles 
  • Section 7: Breathing to Transform: Vitality & Calm
  • Section 8: Reframing How We Meet Emotions & Cognitions: Welcoming & Sensing
  • Section 9: Working with Emotions & Cognitions: Understanding Opposites
  • Section 10: Nourishing Joy & Gratitude 
  • Section 11: Being Home Wherever You Are: Here All Along
  • Section 12: Complete iRest Practices for Educators and Parents

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