iRest Meditation for Deep Sleep

iRest Meditation for Deep Sleep

iRest Meditation for Deep Sleep, MP3 Download
Robin Carnes, Certified iRest teacher

Robin's soothing, calm voice has guided thousands of restless people --from soldiers to troubled teens to stressed professionals --into peaceful, restful, restorative sleep. She has helped literally thousands of people learn to get to sleep and get back to sleep and end the battle of insomnia.  Robin is a certified iRest teacher and trainer.

This practice includes: extended Inner Resource experience, extensive body sensing scan, feeling space inside and outside the body, a long breath sensing segment including breath counting, ferris wheel breath, and woven throughout is the focus on the feeling of being awareness. The end of the recording gradually fades out and is intentionally open-ended so as not to awaken the user.

There is a gentle ambient soundtrack in the background.