iRest Meditation for Deep Sleep

iRest Meditation for Deep Sleep with Robin Carnes Thumbnail

iRest Meditation for Deep Sleep
Senior iRest Trainer Robin Carnes

This practice guides you to fall asleep with ease and aids deeply restorative sleep by activating your parasympathetic nervous system, shifting you into “rest and restore” mode.

As a former insomniac herself, Robin Carnes created this meditation to soothe, relax, and nourish anyone in need of help accessing the healing qualities of healthy sleep.

It’s designed for listening to each night before bed, and whenever you wake up in the night and struggle to fall back to sleep.

Whether you’re experiencing insomnia, trauma-related sleep disruption, are a light sleeper, or want to improve your overall sleep quality, this meditation will support you.

Enjoy Robin’s calm, grounding voice and expert facilitation. The end of the recording gradually fades out and is intentionally open-ended so as not to wake you up.

Note: An ambient soundtrack plays in the background.