The Noble Adventure 2012 - Complete Year Download

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2012 - Complete Year Download

Meditation does not involve transcending our humanness. It entails getting in touch with our true essence which is spacious, loving, kind, compassionate, awake, and perfect just as it is, while welcoming and responding to every moment of our life. Informed by the transformative power of awareness, and the teachings of Yoga, nondualism, Taoism, and Buddhism, these meditations form an interwoven tapestry of practices and tools that you can use for life. This compilation contains all course materials and audio files for the 2012 year of the Noble Adventure Meditation Group.

The Noble Adventure Sessions 1-12:

Session 1: Searching for Truth Session 2: Discovering Footprints - part 1 Session 3: Discovering Footprints - part 2 Session 4: Perceiving Truth Session 5: Catching Truth Session 6: Knowing Truth Session 7: Riding Truth Home Session 8: Truth Transcended Session 9: Truth & Self Transcended Session 10: Reaching Source - part 1 Session 11: Reaching Source - part 2 Session 12: Living in the World Recorded January-December, 2012 at YogaWorks, Larkspur Landing, CA

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