The Noble Adventure - Session 5: Catching Truth

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Elements that are covered:

Space: Expansive Authentic Truthfulness Witnessing Beyond Objectivity Stabilizing Mindfulness Our inherent spaciousness, spacious presence, arises out of our feeling grounded, alive, and connected. Our spacious presence is not loss of self, but an ever-deepening feeling of connectedness with our self and all of life. As we open ever more deeply to meditation, we want to inquire, do I feel safe with myself? Do all my children—sensation, emotions, thoughts, etc.—feel safe with me? Do I feel safe with them? Are we in relationship? Do I like the company I keep when I am with myself? We take this examination into meditation quite literally, i.e., does my nose feel safe with me? ears? skin? thoughts? emotions, etc.? This session’s meditation offer you a portal into abiding as your inherent spacious presence, while welcoming all that you are, enabling you, and all your progeny (body, senses and mind) to feel absolutely safe, in every moment. This zip file contains the Orientation (MP3), iRest Practice (MP3), and Final Words (MP3). Recorded May 10, 2012 at YogaWorks Larkspur, CA