The Noble Adventure - Session 6: Knowing Truth

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Elements that are covered:

Pure Being: Apperception Six Revelations: Vast, Timeless, Perfect, Whole and Complete Recognizing Awareness As we move beyond perceiving through the six sense (five senses and mind) we discover and begin to recover our seventh sense, our ability to apperceive the underlying essence of Being. As we begin to abide as Being, we discover that our essential nature, who we truly are, is vast beyond boundaries, timeless, perfect, complete, and whole just as we are. As we journey through the earlier stages of meditation, we connect to our physical sensations, breath, emotions, and thoughts. Now we begin to leave these grosser levels behind and journey into the deeper regions of our innermost nature, which paradoxically, begins to reveal our interconnectedness with the entire universe. As we are able to remain undistracted, immersed in and as Being, our felt-sense of separation begins to evaporate. We are at a turning point of meditation where we are no longer distracted by the outward movements of the world, and of our body, senses, and mind. Here, our heart begins to open into a profound sense of love, compassion and awe at the underlying Mystery of who we truly are. This zip file contains the Opening Meditation (MP3), iRest Practice (MP3), and Final Words (MP3). Recorded June 7, 2012 at YogaWorks Larkspur, CA