Restoring Wholeness through iRest meditation

Restoring Wholeness through iRest meditation

Leigh Blashki, Certified iRest teacher and certification supervisor

In these recordings you will be invited back to your home-ground of wholeness, an experience of your spacious timelessness and non-separation from all aspects of yourself and all of life. Join Leigh Blashki as he provides you with a progressive approach to experiencing restoration to your wholeness. If you are new to iRest meditation we suggest that you start by listening to track 1 (Affirming your Resolutions) a few times before continuing on with the other tracks. If you are a more experienced meditator, you may choose to enjoy the tracks according to your intention for practice at the time.

  • Track 1: Affirming your Resolutions (31 min)
  • Track 2: Sensing the Body (30 min)
  • Track 3: Breath and Energy Sensing (27 min)
  • Track 4: Sensing Being (24 min)
  • Track 5: Awareness of the ‘I’ Thought (33 min)

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