The Skillful Use of NonDual Opposites in Psychotherapy (MP3 & PDF Download)

NonDual Opposites in Psychotherapy By Richard C. Miller PhD

The skillful use of nondual opposites

The Skillful Use of NonDual Opposites in Psychotherapy

Learn to work with naturally arising opposites of sensation, emotion, and cognition during the psychotherapeutic hour within the framework of nondual awareness to dissolve fixations within the body and mind and open insight. Learn: 1) Skillful use of opposites with students/clients/yourself to support healing and well-being 2) How opposites conceal, as well as reveal your ground of nondual wholeness 3) Utilize continuums of opposite of sensation, emotion, and cognition 4) The latest findings of the neuroscience of opposites 5) Interventions with opposites that undo negative patterns, and pave the way for insight and the embodiment of healing and awakening to nondual wholeness 6) How everything is a messenger that points to our nondual wholeness 7) Emotions are neither right or wrong, good or bad; they “are” 8) The difference between identification versus disidentification Recorded March 30, 2014 at the Nondual Wisdom & Psychotherapy Conference

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