The Therapeutic Application of Yoga on Sciatica (PDF Download)

by Richard Miller

The concepts contained in the article, The Therapeutic Application of Yoga on Sciatica, are as true today as they were when this treatise was first published in 1992. Yoga Therapy and the McKenzie protocol for healing back pain and its associated symptoms such as sciatica are standing the test of time. For most people with back pain and/or sciatica, back bending and back strengthening is the prime most way of healing what has gone awry. Blessings on your journey back from pain to the natural and healthy functioning of your body, mind and senses. Know that you aren't alone and that thousands of people have come before you who have successfully healed their back pain and sciatica and have found an approach that they can stay with for the rest of their lives. PDF - 28 pages. Instructional diagrams, data, and Richard's introduction included.