Webinar | iRest in Peace: Meditations for End of Life & Awakening to the Undying Self

with Anne Douglas

iRest in Peace Webinar Product Image

As surely as we are born, so we die. Alas, very few resources exist to help us prepare for this inevitability. iRest in Peace invites practitioners of all levels to do just that, encouraging a sense of abiding peace amid the process of letting go. Please join Senior iRest Trainer Anne Douglas to practice consciously dying to each moment while surrendering fully to what comes next.

iRest in Peace is a pre-recorded two-hour webinar that offers two different death dress rehearsals: “Abiding Peace” allows you to ground into your innate sense of well-being, while “Letting Go” reflects on the end of life and undying self. Each practice is approximately 40 minutes in duration with a 20-minute introduction. 

This webinar is for those:

  • Wishing to rest in peace daily.
  • Wishing to come to the end of life in a less fearful manner.
  • Involved in palliative care or hospice.
  • Wishing to awaken to the undying, eternal self. 

Don’t miss this uncommon opportunity to reframe death as part of a natural cycle, and to reconsider what matters most in life itself. All levels are welcome.

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