iRest Meditation for Older Adults with Depression Symptoms: A Pilot Study.

Abstract - Older adults, a rapidly growing population in the United States, have fewer physiological reserves and are more likely to be affected by stress, making them especially susceptible to depression symptoms. Meditation offers promising potential as an effective treatment; however, few studies have evaluated meditation interventions for this demographic.

iRest Yoga-Nidra on the College Campus: Changes in Stress, Depression, Worry, and Mindfulness.

Objectives: There is evidence that yoga practice is associated with dec reased stre ss, worry, and depre ss i on, and with improved mindfulness-based skills. These findings had not been previously replicated for a sample of college students. This study evaluated whether iRest yoga-nidra practice was associated with reduced perceived stress, worry, and depression, and increased mind fulness in a sample of college students.

iRest Integrative Restoration, A Meditative Approach to Healing: Bringing Calm and Ease to Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence and/or Stalking.

METHOD © This research single-subject design tested the feasibility of iRest – Integrative Restoration Yoga Nidra an evidence based form of meditation—as an intervention for trauma recovery for survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV) and/or stalking.

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