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Welcome to the iRest® Certified Teacher Resources Center.

In addition to the Level 1 and Level 2 Resources...

This page provides resources offered ONLY to Certified Instructors that will support you in bringing your work with iRest Yoga Nidra out into the world. Listed below are links to valuable information, the Certified Teacher Logo, resource materials, downloads and more (or scroll down this webpage to view the resources).

Certified iRest Teacher Resources at a glance:

AnchorJoin the Teachers Community Network

The Teachers Community Network (TCN) has been created to help connect us in our common interests, both personally and professionally as iRest Teachers. The TCN offers services and materials needed to support our personal growth and professional success -- including a Facebook group exclusivly for TCN members. It both nurtures our community and provides access to the latest updates and developments regarding the application and teaching of iRest. To learn more about the TCN, including how to join, click here.

Download the TCN Flyer here.

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AnchorPromotional Material Downloads

AnchorDownload "Certified iRest Teacher" Logos

Please feel free to use these Certified iRest Teacher Logos on your websites, business cards, audio recordings and other promotional materals to indicate your status as a Certified iRest Teacher.

Note that we have offered two versions to suit your preference. Click on the icons below to download the images to your computer or download the attachments on this email. If you have any questions please contact the IRI office at info@irest.org or call 415-456-3909.

iRest Certified Teacher Badge White
iRest Certified Teacher White
iRest Certified Teacher Badge Green
iRest Certified Teacher Green


Please note the following:

  • All postcards are print-ready. Simply download to your computer.
  • IRI is offering the front of the postcard only. It is up to you to create the back, which can include your teacher bio, photo, schedule and contact information.
  • You can take or send your file to a printer of your choice. Most printers can help you design the back, if you don't have the time or skill yourself. A local printshop, a FedEx Office, or an online print vendor like Vistaprint.com would all be great choices.
TCN Postcards_01 thumb.jpg
Postcard 01
TCN Postcards_02 thumb.jpg
Postcard 02
TCN Postcards_03 thumb.jpg
Postcard 03
TCN Postcards_04 thumb.jpg
Postcard 04
TCN Postcards_05 thumb.jpg
Postcard 05
TCN Postcards_06 thumb.jpg
Postcard 06
TCN Postcards_07 thumb.jpg
Postcard 07
TCN Postcards_08 thumb.jpg
Postcard 08


Please note the following:

  • All flyers are print-ready. Simply download to your computer.
  • Note that there are two types of each flyer available: series and workshop. The series flyer is to promote an ongoing class that will occur over a number of weeks. The workshop flyer may be used to promote a one-time event. We have left space at the bottom of each flyer for you to include your teacher bio, photo, schedule, and contact information.
  • You can take or send your file to a printer of your choice. Most printers can help add your personal and class info to the bottom of the flyer, if you don't have the time or skill yourself. A local printshop, a FedEx Office, or an online print vendor like Vistaprint.com would all be great choices.
Flyer 01 Series 10-12
Flyer 01 Workshop 10-12
Flyer 02 Series
Flyer 02 Workshop
Flyer 03 Series 10-12
Flyer 03 Workshop 10-12
Flyer 04 Series
Flyer 05 Series 10-12
Flyer 05 Workshop 10-12

AnchorHow to Post a Certified Teacher Event to the iRest Institute's (IRI) website

Create a Certified Teacher Event by filling out the form.

By adding an event to our teacher calendar you can advertise your upcoming workshop, class, or retreat. This benefit is exclusively for iRest Certified Teachers. 

AnchorOpportunities Available After Attending iRest Training: 

AnchorFind an iRest Mentor

Mentoring is available to you (as a Level 1 / Level 2 Teacher-in-Training or Certified Teacher) at any time that you feel the need for support, as you deepen into your personal practice, and / or as you bring the iRest teachings to your friends and students in group classes and private meetings. For a referral for mentoring, please contact Kirsten Guest at certification@irest.org.

Mentors are available to meet in person (if they live nearby) as well as through Skype, or phone. Mentoring fees are USD$110/hour.

Audit Trainings

As a Level 1 / Level 2 Teacher-in-Training or Certified Teacher, you also have the opportunity to audit future trainings commensurate with your completed level of training. Trainings may be Audited for $600 tuition* (plus room and board at full price).

Students who have audited a training report that their learning has been profoundly enhanced, that they feel even more deeply connected to the community of iRest practitioners, and more confident and skillful in their delivery of iRest to groups and individuals.

*Please let the host of the iRest Training know you are registering as an Auditor. After registering, please contact the IRI Office, 415-456-3909 or email info@irest.org and let the IRI Office know if you plan to bring your previous manual to the training, or if you wish to place an order for a new Manual for your event with audio recording ($100).

Assist at IRI Trainings and Retreats

We offer limited opportunities to assist at Level 1 & II trainings and retreats. If interested, you can to enter your name into a pool of assistants available for the events you specify. Positions are assigned according to your degree of experience & training. Please note most are unpaid positions and you must cover your travel and accommodations costs. If interested go to the application form.

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