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Quote of the month:

People start to heal the moment they've been heard - Cheryl Richardson.


by Samantha Kinkaid, Senior iRest Trainer

During meditation, we are invited to listen to what is present, what may be calling for attention in each moment. In our personal practice - on the cushion or the street - there are opportunities to meet, greet and welcome the range of life experiences as they arise.

After we are practiced at the skill of listening, the movement between inner and outer sounds and vibrations can become a subtle art, a dance, a poem. After we have sincerely welcomed emotion, thought, sensation, a friend, client, stranger, we are...

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How to find happiness, even in your darkest hour
by Richard Miller, PhD

Like the ability to learn a language or love another human being, the ability to feel joy is something we're all born with. And perhaps surprisingly, we can feel joy independent of whatever else we're experiencing, even amidst intense physical...


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by Ann Douglas, iRest Senior Teacher Trainer

BodySensing is an approach to meditation that uses the body as an entry point for coming to know our essence. It has the potential to profoundly nourish our connection with ourselves, to open
to a deep sense of calm and wellbeing and ultimately to come to the direct realization of ...

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Congratulations to our Newly Certified Teachers!

Danielle Samson (Nunavot, CA)
Dr. Vince Arnold (Huber, NC)
Tracy Wyatt (United Kingdom)




IRI Australasia


Let the world know that you are teaching iRest. We have thousands of visitors to the IRI website each week. Post your information to the website and be seen by the global community!

If you have completed a Level I Training, a Level II Training, or are a Certified Teacher, you can ...

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iREST LEVEL I TRAINING with Richard Miller

We are excited to be offering an iRest Level I training at 1440 Multiversity, a new learning center located in the redwoods near Santa Cruz California.

Immerse yourself in the meditative teachings. Explore and develop intention. Experience joy and well-being.

Accessible and effective, research has proven iRest supports the healing process across a broad range of populations and issues, including those with PTSD, chronic pain, sleep issues, high stress, depression, and anxiety.

Register for Richards only iRest Level I training in 2017!
Spots still available!




Support our annual fund. Your monthly or annual gift will help us continue to showcase the efficacy of iRest for helping empower the homeless, veterans, youth, and support human trafficking relief.



Sivananda Nassau Peace Symposium Conference - May 22-26 2017
Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, Bahamas

Foundations of Yoga Meditation Retreat - June 25-30, 2017
Soul of Yoga, San Diego, CA

IPPI at CIIS - June 2-4, 2017
California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco


Resting as Awareness Retreat- September 15-21, 2017
Alam Puisi Villa, Bali Indonesia

Join Stephanie Lopez and Fuyuko Toyota
Special $200 reduced rate through May 12, 2017!
Use code: SPRING200



For a complete listing of trainings, retreats and workshops Events Click here


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Downloads now available:

New! Level I Training with Anne Douglas & Karen Soltes (Kripalu,2016)

• Engage emotions and beliefs and open to spacious Awareness iRest Yoga Nidra with Stephanie Lopez (Retreat, Ohio, October 2016)

• Integrative Breath practice with Anne Douglas (Retreat, Ohio, October 2016)
• Body Sensing and Tandava with Anne Douglas (Retreat, Ohio, October 2016)
Please visit the TCN website for more Details.


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