Other Resources

On this page you will find a comprehensive listing/catalogue of available books, audio and other resources written by Richard Miller and other teachers in the nondual tradition. They have been collected into the following categories:

Book chapters by Richard

The Sacred Mirror, Nondual Wisdom & Psychotherapy (Paragon Press)Prendergast/Fenner/Krystal — $19.95

How is psychotherapy impacted when it is approached from the unconditioned mind? What happens when therapists function as sacred mirrors for their clients’ essential nature? The Sacred Mirror challenges and inspires you to approach psychotherapy in a new way—as a portal for experiencing your true nature as free and joyful being. Richard's chapter is entitled: Welcoming All That Is: Nonduality, Yoga Nidra, and the play of opposites in Psychotherapy. Buy from Amazon.com

Will Yoga and Meditation Really Change My Life? (Storey Publishing) by Stephen Cope — $22.95

In this collection of intensely personal and profoundly inspirational essays and interviews, 25 of North America’s leading teachers of Yoga and Buddhist meditation tell their stories of how the practice of these rich and varied spiritual traditions has made an enduring impact on their lives…and how it can transform yours. Richard’s chapter is entitled: The Search for Oneness. Buy from Amazon.com

American Yoga (Barnes & Noble) by Carrie Schneider — $19.95

Along with clear, step-by-step instructions to help you practice, American Yoga presents the paths and practices of 25 of America’s greatest Yoga masters. American Yoga relates the personal paths these extraordinary teachers. See how Yoga changed their lives. Discover what Yoga can do for yours. Richard’s chapter is entitled: Gomukasana. Buy from Amazon.com

Yoga Therapy & Integrative Medicine  Larry Payne, PhD (Author), Terra Gold M.A. LAc (Author), Eden Goldman D.C (Author)

Introducing the first Integrative medical text to link modern medicine and alternative therapies to Yoga.  A user-friendly guide detailing a wide range of approaches, the book is designed to educate medical preofessionals, students, yoga teachers, academia and the general public on alternative treatment methods and the game-changing therapeutic framework for Yoga therapy's application as a completmentatry treatment approach. Buy From Amazon.com


Books by other authors on nondual teachings


Ordinary Women Extraordinary Wisdom: The Feminine Face of Awakening By Rita Marie Robinson — $24.95

www.extraordinarywisdom.net  “It is with tremendous enthusiasm that I recommend to you, Ordinary Women Extraordinary Wisdom: The Feminine Face of Awakening. Rita’s book is an exquisite pointer to the vast field of women who have realized the highest spiritual truths and are speaking out to bring their wisdom to the table so that we may benefit from their labors of love. Rita Marie Robinson is a gifted writer. Hers is a visionary book to be cherished for the intimate glimpses it provides us into the lives of women who point the way to how we can live a life of enlightened living in the midst of ordinary circumstances.” —Richard Miller Buy from Amazon.com


Siva Sutras: The Joy of Supreme Identity

by Jaideva Singh — $19.95 Siva Sutras presents the underlying perspective of the nondual meditative teachings of Kashmir Trika, the yogic view in which Richard teaches. It is the direct path of immediate recognition of your true nature. Buy from Amazon.com

Pratyabîjahrdayam: The Secret of Self-Recognition by Jaideva Singh — $19.95 This ‘song of oneness’ describes the path of nondual reality and enlightenment from the perspective of Kashmir Trika. These poetic verses are direct pointers to our true nature as unqualified Being. Buy from Amazon.com

Spanda Karika: The Divine Creative Pulsation divine.gifby Jaideva Singh — $19.95 This ‘doctrine of vibration’ describes the body and mind as pure vibration that emanates directly out of, and is not separate from our true nature. The Spanda Karika is the underlying view of Richard’s approach to BodySensing and BreathSensing as taught to him by his spiritual mentor, Jean Klein. Buy from Amazon.com

Vijñânabhairava: The Yoga of Delight, Wonder and Astonishment by Jaideva Singh — $19.95 The Vijñânabhairava is an exquisite presentation of 112 meditations on knowing your true nature as unqualified Presence during all moments of your daily life. The text presents a clear view of the nondual Yoga of Kashmir Trika and its exquisite practices for realization. Buy from Amazon.com

Enlightened Living by Swami Venkatesananda Pocketbook Soft Cover Edition — $12.00 Venkatesananda offers us his exquisite, and often nondual interpretative translation of the Yoga Sutra of Patañjâli, which expounds the means for realizing our true identity as unchanging, unqualified Presence. Resilient softbound cover makes this a wonderful traveling companion wherever you go. Order here.

Music, Poetry & Miscellaneous by Nondual Artists

This Embrace Music CD by Kirtana CD — $15.95 Dedicated to Gangji, Kirtana sings her heartfelt devotion to life, beauty, love and true nature. Buy from Amazon.com kirtana.jpg

The Offering Music CD by Kirtana:The Offering Music CD by Kirtana CD — $15.95 Lose yourself in these musical poems of true nature. Life is a very sweet place to be. Buy from Amazon.com

A Deeper Surrender Music CD by Kirtana CD — $15.95 Deeply moving and profound. Let your heart be carried away by Kirtana’s voice and guitar. Buy from Amazon.com

In Love CD by Peter Makena CD — $15.95 Peter’s lyrics uplift the spirit, taking the listener to places of openness, joy and inner silence providing nourishment for heart and soul. Buy from Amazon.com

Hallelujah: Songs of Celebration Music CD by Peter Makena CD — $16.95 Peter’s latest CD exudes great joy, love and energy. Buy from Amazon.com

Love Songs and Sutras CD by Peter Makena CD — $15.95 These songs are enchanting melodies, many of which utilize excerpts from the writings of the Jelaludin Rumi. Be carried away by these beautiful expressions of celebration, longing, and joy. Buy from Amazon.com

Open to Grace CD by Peter Makena CD — $15.95 Music and poetry from Hafiz, Rumi, Oriah, and others. A classical must for your collection. Buy from Amazon.com

Heart of Kindness Music CD by Peter Makena CD — $15.95 Includes the voices of Deva Premal and Niten and poetry from the ages. Beautiful! Buy from Amazon.com

River of Blessings Music CD by Peter Makena CD — $15.95 Undulates with the sounds of nature that will fill your heart with ecstasy! Buy from Amazon.com

Migration Music CD by Kater and Nakai CD — $16.95 Beautiful instrumentals for relaxation after practicing Yoga Nidra. A creative collaboration of musical melodies designed to stir the soul and deepen your experience of Being. Buy from Amazon.com