5 individuals resting their hands on a tree
5 individuals resting their hands on a tree

iRest Immersion: Relating from the Depth of the Heart in Loving Relationship

September 17—19, 2021



The most intimate and enduring relationship of your entire life is the one you have with yourself. All relationships belong to the land of the heart. It is the open, connected, feeling heart that enables and supports meaningful, authentic and loving relationships. First, to ourselves, and then to everyone and everything around us. 

In this live online Immersion, you’ll explore how to connect to and anchor deeply within the bedrock of your heart and the heart of Being. You’ll experience how an awake and connected heart is the foundation from which all loving relationships arise and expand.

You can expect:

  • An inquiry into all of life as relationship and self-connection as your primary relationship.
  • An environment designed to support deep healing and a shift in how you relate to yourself.
  • An exploration of relating to yourself with compassion and love as the foundation for a deeper connection with others. 
  • The fostering of a greater capacity for clarity and authenticity in communication and action. 
  • A strengthening of your connection to the depth of the heart, increasing your capacity to share and receive from a place of genuine love.

Through experiential practice and dialogue, you will: 

  • Learn the 10-Step iRest Protocol, and how each step supports connecting with the depth of the heart. 
  • Practice BodySensing and movement practices.
  • Experience BreathSensing as a tool for self-connection.
  • Explore how to integrate the practices of iRest into your daily relationships.
  • Access an inner resource of well-being, loving ease and peace.
  • Foster resilience when meeting difficult emotions that arise within relationships.
  • Awaken to your essential wholeness.

This Immersion offers both experiential and direct learning, offering participants the opportunity to explore themes as a larger group, and the option to share in smaller, more intimate groups throughout the weekend.



This event is being livestreamed using Zoom.


$295 - Early Bird Pricing *
$350 - Regular Pricing

(* Early Bird pricing available through August 17, 2021)


This event satisfies the Certification short retreat requirement.
  • We are proud to be partnering with Soul of Yoga.


Friday, September 17 to Sunday, September 19, 2021


All times listed are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Friday, September 17: 5:30–6:00 PM orientation; 6:00–9:00 PM  program
Saturday, September 18: 10:00 AM–6:30 PM
Sunday, September 19: 10:00 AM–4:30 PM



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