BodySensing Source Yoga Immersion
BodySensing Source Yoga Immersion

iRest BodySensing Source Yoga Immersion

June 24—27, 2021



Join Stephanie Lopez, Anne Douglas, and Barbara Eastham for a brand new BodySensing Immersion!

BodySensing is a unique approach to yogic meditation that uses the body as an entry point for embracing our human experience on all levels—body, mind, and spirit. It is a form of nondual meditative self-inquiry from the Kashmir tradition that uses practices in movement and stillness designed to engage all the senses. This practice deeply nourishes the body and mind while also building resilience. By experiencing pure sensation, beyond preconceptions and conditioning, we can rediscover unchanging ease, peace, and wholeness.  

During this four-day immersion, which is for all levels of experience and physical ability, participants will learn a variety of principles and techniques that can allow for embodied awakening. Participants will come away with resources to develop an ongoing personal BodySensing practice.

Through engaging dialogue, experiential practices, and small group discussions, participants will:

  • Develop a personal practice of BodySensing Source Yoga by opening into subtle levels of the nondual experience
  • Learn to use the principles of BodySensing Source Yoga as tools for daily living
  • Understand basic cueing options to incorporate into both a 
personal and teaching practice
  • Discover the yogic Map of Meditation and its unique tools for insight:
    • The Tattvas: 38 expressions of our divine nature
    • The Kanchukas: 5 messengers that point to our inherent wholeness and freedom
    • Four Symphonic Movements of Awakening: ‘Waking In, Waking Up, Waking Down and Waking Out’
  • Learn unique ways to explore the underlying spiritual philosophies that inform both iRest and BodySensing Source Yoga


This event is being livestreamed using Zoom.


$450 - Early Bird price*
$535 - Regular price

(* Early Bird pricing available through May 24, 2021)


This event satisfies the Certification short retreat requirement.
  • We are proud to be partnering with Soul of Yoga.


Thursday, June 24 to Sunday, June 27, 2021


All times are listed in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Thursday, June 24: 3:00–6:00 PM
Friday, June 25–Saturday, June 26: 8:00 AM–12:00 PM, 2:00–6:00 PM
Sunday, June 27: 8:00 AM–12:00 PM 



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