iRest Meditation Retreat

October 16–18, 2020

Midhurst, England


This three-day retreat, set at the stunning Cowdray Hall in West Sussex is dedicated to the restless-you who needs nothing other than to be reminded that rest is something that happens all by itself, without you having to ‘get or ‘do’ anything special.  

When we take the time to stop, rest and be, we uncover a stillness that has been waiting to be uncovered and remembered. This unchanging aspect of our nature is a deep source of peace, ease and equanimity. Its silence is the source of all of our experience. For many, remembering this stillness feels like ‘coming home’.

Rest is exquisite in its simplicity: it is the act of doing nothing, but the challenge that many of us face is the inconvenience (and guilt) of stopping. There’s always something on the to-do list, and there’s likely to be people who depend on you for your time, help and support. You might not feel worthy of stopping, or you might feel it to be an entirely selfish act or even something that deems you lazy or unproductive. In this way, rest has become something that feels like an indulgence that we cannot justify, or perhaps it seems just plain impossible amidst the chaos of life.

During the three days, you’ll be given some much-needed rest, but you’ll also be guided into seeing rest as something that is more within reach than you might think, even when life is at its most testing.

You’ll learn how to access that part of you that feels at ease whatever is happening in your life.  

What’s involved?

You’ll explore tools and insights to help you recover your natural ability to find ease, stillness and rest. The explorations will be necessarily simple so that after this event you will be able to easily integrate a quality of restfulness into your life, no matter how restless you’ve become.

You will have the chance to participate in gentle movement, take deep rest in the form of an ancient approach to ‘doing nothing’, try out breathing practices specifically designed to activate rest, learn about and practice meditation through non-doing and silence, and explore the philosophies that underpin all these practices.

There will also be some free time to simply rest in your own accommodation, take walks in nature or just stop, sit and be.

All sessions will be taught by James Reeves.



Midhurst, England
Cowdray Hall, Park Way
Midhurst , SXW GU29 0AL
United Kingdom
West Sussex GB





This event is non-residential.
This event satisfies the Certification short retreat requirement.


Friday, October 16, 2020 to Sunday, October 18, 2020


Friday, Oct 16, 2020: 10:00 AM–5:30 PM
Saturday, Oct 17, 2020: 10:00 AM–5:30 PM
Sunday, Oct 18, 2020: 10:00 AM–5:30 PM



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