Rounded rocks stacked in the shape of a pillar
Rounded rocks stacked in the shape of a pillar

iRest Retreat: Revealing Your Wholeness, Your True Identity

December 2—5, 2021



This short retreat can be special “me-time” set aside before year-end, to review the year, renew, and reconnect with your Wholeness. In doing so, you’ll reclaim Wholeness as your true identity, and ready yourself to embrace the new year.  

When you welcome and feel your physical and psychological pain or wounds, deep release and healing is possible. As you heal your wounds with your own loving presence, you come to realize that beneath any pain or struggle, your ever-present essential nature is whole and absolute. Ultimately, beyond any experience of disconnection, separateness, or suffering, lies the reality of who you are: your true identity is Wholeness.

It may sound simple. But simple is not the same as easy. An important aspect of this exploration is to keep it uncomplicated while being consistent. That’s why this retreat offers you a structured program with like-minded people, each of us attending to our own direct experience and perception. The loving and kind approach of iRest Meditation supports and enables you to naturally feel, heal, and reveal Wholeness as your true Self.

This 4-day live online retreat includes various practices: guided and silent meditations, Body and BreathSensing Yoga, iRest Yoga Nidra, and interactive discussion. It’s designed to facilitate you in awakening your spiritual heart in order to know yourself. It will help you to:

  • Meet and feel all aspects of yourself 
  • Heal limiting beliefs and navigate difficult emotions
  • Listen to your intuitive wisdom
  • Reveal the Wholeness of your Being 
  • Shift into and abide within Wholeness as your authentic self and true nature
  • Increase the degree of relational intimacy with yourself and others, and interconnection with all of life
  • Integrate meditation into your daily activities

There is no need to wait. You can meet the reality of who you are right now. 
“At home again—as Being—experiencing your Wholeness, you reconnect to your sense of inner peace and harmony that was always present, just momentarily relegated to the background.” —Dr. Richard Miller, iRest Founder 
This retreat is suitable for all experience levels, everyone is welcome.


This event is being livestreamed using Zoom.


AUD $440 (includes 10% GST) - Early Bird Pricing *
AUD $550 (includes 10% GST) - Regular Pricing

(* Early Bird pricing available through November 11, 2021)


This event satisfies the Certification short retreat requirement.


Thursday, December 2 to Sunday, December 5, 2021


All times listed are in Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT).

Thursday, December 2: 4:30 PM Orientation; 5:00–6:30 PM Program
Friday–Saturday, December 34: 7:00 AM–5:00 PM
Sunday, December 5: 7:00 AM–12:00 PM



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