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iRest Meditation Retreat: Living Truth, Living Love

March 29—April 4, 2021


You are whole. You are enough. You are love.

Perfection is not an elusive quality to be achieved—it already lies within. Truth and love are not lofty attainments—they are our intrinsic nature waiting to be fully embodied. Meditation is not a journey to a higher plane—it is a grounding in where we belong. 

In this livestreaming retreat with iRest Director of Australasia Fuyuko Sawamura-Toyota and guest teacher Jennifer Cabanero, look within and see that there is no mirror that needs polishing. Use powerful tools of self-inquiry including BodySensing, BreathSensing, and iRest Meditation to observe your perfect essential nature: one that is simple, still, and equanimous. With a new perspective on yourself and the world, cease striving and surrender to the peace of enlightenment and love.

  • Our mind’s tendency to objectify
  • Puruṣa: indestructible essence of self
  • Kalā kañchuka: limitations to the experience of universality
  • Śiva-Śakti: consciousness and activating power


This event is being livestreamed using Zoom.


AUD $840 + GST - Early Bird Pricing *
AUD $1,040 + GST - Regular Pricing

(* Early Bird pricing available through February 28, 2021)


This event is non-residential.
This event satisfies the Certification long retreat requirement.


Monday, March 29 to Sunday, April 4, 2021


All times are listed in Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)

Monday, March 29: 7:30–8:00 AM oriention; 8:00 AM–6:00 PM program
Tuesday, March 30–Saturday, April 3: 7:00 AM–5:00 PM
Sunday, April 4: 7:00–8:00 AM; 9:00–12:00 AM (AEST) * Daylight Saving ends and return to Standard Time



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