Returning To Source—The Essence of Meditation One-Day Hybrid Retreat

April 23, 2022

Hybrid: Berkeley, CA and Livestream


This one-day retreat is an opportunity to turn inward and awaken to your true Essence through direct experience. Your Essence, your ultimate true nature, can never be objectified but with proper guidance, it can be experientially realized as your moment-to-moment lived experience.

The foundational nondual teachings of meditation reveal that our fundamental essence is pure Being-Awareness-Presence. In other words, your true nature is the embodiment of unchanging peace, equanimity, and compassionate, loving presence. Embodying your nondual nature in everyday life changes everything. 

During this retreat you will be skillfully guided through the stages of welcoming, investigating, and awakening, on your journey to embodying your essential nature. 

Welcoming is the first step. As you begin to meet, greet and welcome all that you are, you learn to sense everything—body, mind, emotions and world—as objects unfolding in the ground of Being. Welcoming opens you to being loving compassion in action, free from self-judgment, shame, blame, guilt, and comparison.

Investigation is the exploration of the self as the perceiver in which body, mind, and world are ever-changing. In this inquiry, the perceiver dissolves and you’re able to recognize how everything—the self and the world—is of the same substance: pure Being. At this point, your conceptual understanding gives way to heart-felt knowing.

Finally, awakening is the recognition that when living from the ground of Being you experience life with a joy-filled peace. Living from an undefended heart, you’re empowered to respond to each moment free of expectation, comparison, and story. You begin to live as an embodiment of love, feeling no sense of separation. You understand that only when you’re willing to live in this way can you be at peace.
This retreat includes:

  • Periods of meditation
  • Body and BreathSensing Yoga
  • Co-Meditation Dyads and self-inquiry
  • Interactive dialogue

You’ll learn and experience:

  • Welcoming sensations, thoughts, and beliefs with the ability to respond, not react
  • Setting yourself free from self-judgment, shame, blame, guilt, and comparison
  • Opening into the heart wisdom of acting with loving compassion
  • Body-based practices for recognizing and stabilizing yourself as Being 
  • Ways to enhance your ability to meet challenging emotions, thoughts, and life circumstances that inevitably arise during meditation and daily life
  • The embodiment of qualities like peace, love, compassion, joy, and self-kindness, that naturally blossom in meditation
  • Nourishment from sitting with community

This retreat is for anyone wanting to explore meditation, dedicate time to their meditation practice, or experience the nondual teachings which underlie iRest. Everyone is welcome. No prior meditation experience is necessary. 

What is a hybrid event?

Hybrid events are designed so that you can choose to join us in person or live online as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. We value the importance of gathering in person and what it cultivates for many participants, but it’s our duty to ensure that every participant feels comfortable and that we follow local health guidelines and restrictions. Our hybrid events are held in places where it’s deemed safe and legal to do so and we encourage anyone feeling the need to socially distance themselves to join us live online.

Hybrid events reflect our commitment to provide you with a choice in how you'd like to explore iRest. The choice is yours, but either way, you can expect a high-quality experience to keep you immersed in the teachings and in community with your fellow participants.

In-person attendees at a hybrid event can expect us to take every precaution to safeguard their health by adhering to all COVID-19 health restrictions and mandates. We'll provide clear and accurate information on what to expect at the event. If our safety protocols outlined below don't meet your needs and expectations, we encourage you to join us online for a wonderful livestream experience from the safety of your home.

*Please read the information below before registering so you understand what health and safety protocols you should expect in-person at the retreat, what happens if we can't gather in person due to local COVID-19 restrictions but you've registered for in-person participation, and which registration option is best for you (single, double, commuter, or online only).


1700 Shattuck Ave, 2nd Floor
Berkeley, CA 94709 United States



What health and safety protocols should I expect in-person at the retreat?

Retreat participants will be the only group onsite at YogaKula, meaning everybody you'll encounter will be adhering to identical safety standards. You can see their safety standards, requirements, and protocols below. If you have further questions we kindly suggest emailing YogaKula at:

Vaccination Requirement
All participants and staff must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 at least 14 days before arrival. Upon arrival you must provide:

  1. Proof of vaccination indicating your full name
  2. The date(s) of your vaccination(s)
  3. The type of vaccine you received
  4. A driver's license or government ID corresponding to the name on your vaccine documentation

Negative Test Requirement
All participants and staff must present a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival.

California Tracing Requirement
Upon arrival, all participants and staff will provide contact information to be utilized only to facilitate notification in case of a positive COVID test. This information will be destroyed after 30 days.

Mask Requirement
Masks are required at all times for all participants, staff, venue employees, service people, and guests. Presenters are exempt while actively teaching during the event. Masks are also not required while in your bedroom or outside spaces.

Illness Requirement
If any individual becomes ill during their stay they must notify staff immediately, and if serious they may be asked to return home.

Safety Features
YogaKula will provide hand sanitizing stations located throughout the studio.



$145 - Early Bird Pricing (Available through March 12, 2022)
$175 - Regular Pricing


This event satisfies the Certification short retreat requirement.

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Saturday, April 23, 2022


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