Paint brush strokes of blue, cream, and orange
Paint brush strokes of blue, cream, and orange

Letting Life Live You: iRest as Creative Expression and Play

February 5—March 5, 2022



In truly creative moments, everything takes place without the “I” interfering. Things occur of their own accord. —Jean Klein

Everything in this life is happening through you, not by you. The non-dual teachings, which inform iRest, point us to this realization. You may recognize and understand this phenomena as “your creativity” or your ability to welcome the flow of sensations, emotions, thoughts, and images in the moment. Either way, it’s this innate human capacity that frees you from the restrictions of your conditioning.

Your conditioning contracts your perspectives and perceived options. It’s as if you exist in a tiny box. As you practice opening to the flow of life, you begin to see problems in new ways, recognize and implement innovative solutions, and delight in new ideas and possibilities—all things this world needs much more of! 

In this experiential four-part workshop, you will experiment with a variety of exercises designed to help you access your creativity and cultivate your capacity to open to the everpresent flow of the Divine impulse.  

This workshop includes:

  • iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation for opening to the flow of energy and fostering self-healing. You’ll practice iRest "off the mat" while creating in the moment, and you’ll experience traditional guided practices. 
  • InterPlay™ - a fun, easy, structured system of movement and sound exercises designed to unlock your body’s wisdom.  

A variety of process-oriented (not outcomes-based) art experiences facilitated by Robin, with simple, inexpensive materials. For example: collage, and working with plasticine clay while experimenting with flow when there is nothing at stake because in every moment we have already arrived. 
This workshop is suitable for everyone, especially if you’re feeling stuck in a rut or desire to nourish your innate creativity through play. Step out of your routine and into a greater sense of vitality, possibility, and fun!

Session 1: Sankalpa

  • Overview and introduction
  • Getting clear on your intention for the workshop
  • Activities include: guided movement and sound, collage, iRest

Session 2: Surrendering and Offering

  • Releasing the “I” thought’s grip on outcome
  • Activities include: guided movement, sound, group ritual, doodling/collage, iRest

Session 3: Welcoming and Receptivity

  • Keeping the channel open to the flow of life
  • Activities include: guided movement, sound, collage, iRest

Session 4: Open, Shut, Re-Open: Living a Messy, Creative Life 

  • What are the ongoing challenges and rewards of staying open to the flow of life?
  • What are practices for staying open and re-opening after a shutdown?
  • Activities include: guided movement, sound, playing with plasticine, iRest


This retreat is being livestreamed using Zoom, and will be recorded.


USD $199 - Early Bird Pricing (Available through January 5, 2022)
USD $249 - Regular Pricing



Saturday, February 5 to Saturday, March 5, 2022


This event will start on Saturday, February 5 and livestream each Saturday until March 5. Please note there will be NO session held on Saturday, February 12.

Four sessions will be held from 12:00–2:00 PM Pacific Time (3:00–5:00 PM Eastern Time) on:

Saturday, February 5

Saturday, February 19

Saturday, February 26

Saturday, March 5



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