Slowing Down to the Speed of Being: Live, Online, Interactive Class

United States


Join us for live, online, interactive, guided iRest from the comfort of your own home via Mind Oasis, a new online meditation community.

What is your natural state of Being? How do you “get” to it? How do you know if you’re there? What does it feel like? What do you “do” there? Why would you want to go?

This series of four classes is for people who feel called to take a break from the normal speed of daily life – of jumping from one thought to the next, rushing from one activity to the next, of striving, doing and becoming. We will help you to reconnect with feelings of calmness, OK-ness and wholeness.

We will be resting back in a comfortable position and inviting ourselves to guided inner explorations of what it feels like when we slow down the speed of our attention.

We'll have plenty of time to explore and to share our discoveries.

There are no rules to this practice of exploration -- we can recline, lie down, sit, stand or move. Eyes can be open or closed.

There's no expert teaching us anything, and no way to do this wrong.

It's an open exploration of noticing and describing to ourselves our own direct experience of ourselves, exactly as we are.


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Live, Online, Interactive
United States
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