Welcome!  Before you access your free download of "iRest at Ease" here is some introductory information on iRest. 

What is iRest?
iRest is a body-centered, guided meditation practice for self-regulation and care.  It is an evidence-based healing modality that combines Eastern and Western practices into a practical and secular program for healing. 

What are the benefits of iRest?

  • Decreases Hypervigilance
  • Increases Restful Sleep
  • Decreases Avoidance
  • Increases Self-Regulation
  • Decreases Chronic Pain
  • Increases Resilience
  • Decreases PTSD symptoms
  • Increases Self-Efficacy


Download iRest@Ease with Richard Miller

iRest at Ease is a series of deeply relaxing guided meditations that provide tools for life for people experiencing PTSD, anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia and other issues, as well as for those wishing to experience a deep sense of well-being and peace in their daily life. It contains an introduction and three separate iRest practices, including an on-the-go 8 minute practice, a 15 minute relaxing practice, and a 30 minute extended practice. It is tailored for military service members, veterans and their families, but can be used by anyone who wishes to develop coping skills for everyday challenges and increase their sense of well-being.