iRest for Healthcare Workers

If you work in a high-pressure healthcare environment, iRest can help you deeply relax, sleep better, and become more resilient and focused every day.


Why iRest?

iRest is a simple 10-step protocol that is easy to learn and can be practiced anytime, anywhere. Its positive effects are supported by scientific trials, and many health providers share the steps of iRest with patients or clients who are experiencing chronic pain, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, PTSD, and other conditions.

iRest can be practiced in short sessions of 10 or 20 minutes, to induce deep relaxation and leave you feeling refreshed and alert. It can also be used before bed, to ease your body and mind into restful sleep, even if your work shifts or you are sleep deprived.

As an evidence-informed meditation protocol, iRest is being used at US Veterans Affairs hospitals, military bases, hospitals and clinics, hospices, homeless shelters, community programs and schools.

iRest Trainings and Events

We offer a broad range of iRest meditation events and trainings for people at all experience levels in locations around the globe:

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Teacher Trainings

Bring the healing benefits of iRest to your students or clients through our teaching trainings.

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Workshops and Immersions

For beginners or more advanced meditators, deepen your learning or simply enjoy iRest with others.

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iRest meditation retreats are available for all levels in beautiful locations across the world.

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Online Courses

Experience and learn iRest from the convenience of your own home at your own pace.