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iRest, Yoga Nidra, Practices for Better Sleep, Jeanne Dillon
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iRest® in Sleep-Yoga Nidra and Bedtime Gentle Yoga

Jeanne Dillon, Certified iRest teacher

This album includes a gentle yoga practice appropriate for all levels of experience and a guided meditation practice called iRest®Yoga-Nidra. Drift off to the soothing voice of Jeanne Dillion as she guides you in these bedtime practices designed to relieve insomnia and leave you feeling rested and restored the following morning. iRest® is recognized as a Complementary Alternative Medicine for insomnia and other sleep disorders and has been shown to relieve the symptoms of depression, anxiety, trauma, and chronic pain. (iRest Institute, 2014).

  • Track 1 : Introduction
  • Track 2 : Yoga practice for relaxing before bedtime
  • Track 3 : iRest for Sleep practice (Please use this practice for sleep once in bed and do not listen to this recording while driving.)

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