TCN File Download Support

What do I do with the file once I download it?

The file you downloaded is either a ZIP folder archive or a PDF. Most computers open both automatically. But if you are having trouble:

  1. Download Acrobat Reader for free to open your PDF
  2. Download 7-Zip for your PC or Stuffit Expander for your Mac to handle the ZIP folder archive Hint: Right click and extract the ZIP archive to get the files. Simply double clicking the ZIP is often just enough to take a peek inside - but is not enough to properly extract the files for listening.

How do I get the MP3 into iTunes?

  1. Follow the instructions for extracting the ZIP archive above.
  2. Once you have extracted the folder from the archive, you should see the name of the artist, for instance "Richard Miller".
  3. Drag this entire folder into your music folder, wherever that may be on your computer, although often it is in "My Documents" or "Music".
  4. Then drag the folder directly into iTunes program library.
  5. The MP3s were encoded with iTunes, so are completely compatible with iTunes. iTunes should recognize the artist, album and tracks.

Note: Within the artist folder is the name of the "album", and within that folder are the names of the individual tracks. This is the correct format for iTunes. Do not remove the MP3 from the folder or attempt to re-arrange or rename the tracks. Click here to go back to the TCN page.