Dropping the Struggle: Sevens Ways to Love the Life you Have

By Roger Housden, 2016, New World Library, $19.95

Reviewed by Richard Miller, PhD

I am sincerely appreciative, and deeply moved by Roger Housden’s latest offering, Dropping the Struggle: Seven Way to Love the Life You Have. Roger’s voice is at once tender, vulnerable, authentic and wise, yet intensely open and direct. His words ferry us beyond the conceptual into the land of the knowing heart, with every chapter offering us sage advice on how to meet ourselves, others, and life on its own terms, so that we can find joy in the midst of what otherwise gives us pain and suffering. Tears easily flowed from my heart and eyes with each chapter, inspired by Roger’s expertise in interweaving prose, poetry, and personal stories, with timeless wisdom that shows us how to love, embrace, and respond fully to each moment of life, so that we can love our life, just as it is.

The seven chapters include sage advice on how to drop our struggle and need to be special, for a perfect life, for meaning and purpose, for love, with change, and with needing to know.

This is definitely a book you will want to share with your partner and friends. It is a book to be savored slowly for the wisdom it offers, although, like me, you might not be able to put it down once you begin reading.


Richard Miller, PhD is author of iRest Meditation: Restorative Practices for Health, Resiliency, and Well-Being (Sounds True)