Abundance by Ross Guest

"Is there something I can offer you, as a token of my gratitude? Every gesture seems so small, and still I'd like to try." - Kirtana, If I Could Give You Anything

Fall is my favourite time of the year and I try to spend as much time as possible outdoors taking in the beauty of this special season.

Outdoors in the fall, I am surrounded by the bounty of nature's offerings.  Trees loaded with ripe apples, fields of squash and pumpkins, farmers markets offering freshly baked pies and breads.  In our small community here in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, we are encouraged to donate extra garden produce to the local food bank to prepare Thanksgiving baskets for local families in need. 

Paying forward the abundance of the season is a wonderful way to express the gratitude we feel.  As the earth gives us what we need to nourish and prepare our bodies for the long winter ahead, our iRest practice nourishes the deep sense of peace and a depth of silence that sustains us through the darker months.

Let us consider how we can share our iRest practice with those around us in need.  The mission of IRI is to help people resolve their pain and suffering and to experience deep healing, to rediscover their essential wholeness and interconnectedness with all of life.

Paying forward is the theme of the present "donate a class" initiative at IRI called the Noble Works Initiative. 

The Initiative invites iRest Teachers and Teachers-in-Training and Yoga teachers to offer a class or gathering in their own community, and then to donate the proceeds of that class to IRI.  These funds will be used by IRI to continue to provide its work in the world, offering our teachings to those in need.  

Please set an intention to join the Noble Works Initiative by offering a class for your friends, students or family and donate the proceeds to IRI. 

Contact us here and we will list your offering on the IRI website and provide you with a planning packet.  You will then receive a "Gratitude on the Go" five-minute meditation by Richard.   When you forward the proceeds of your class to IRI you'll receive a 30 minute meditation of gratitude from Richard along with the tax deductible receipt from IRI for your donation amount.  We encourage you to share these meditations with your students, family, and friends.

Wishing you the abundance of the fall and time to enjoy this special season with family and friends.