A Holiday Message from Richard Miller


Meditation reveals what is already the case—
our interconnectedness with all of life.
When we recognize this as the case,
we cherish deep love and respect for all.



It takes a village to move our mission forward. And I’m tremendously grateful for your being part of the IRI community.

I feel blessed to bear witness throughout the year to the many testimonials conveyed to me by people transformed by iRest and the wisdom teachings that myself, and our teachers bring to thousands around the world. In this spirit I share this moving testimonial by a veteran on his experience with iRest.

Through my practice of iRest, I now experience an inner resource of unchanging peace within. I feel like a samurai warrior who knows the secret of who I truly am. Interestingly, knowing myself as the unchanging, the more I practice iRest, the more my life changes for the better. I truly believe that iRest saves my life every day.

How has iRest changed your life? Have you experienced insight, healing, or witnessed changes in yourself or others that have led to more easeful ways of responding to life? How fortunate we are to have these precious teachings that show us how to live a contented life, rich with inner peace and well-being. But not everyone is so lucky. This is where you can help.

Through your donation you can help people around the world relieve their suffering, and nourish unchanging well-being within themselves, and in the daily lives of their families, friends and neighbors.

In 2016, IRI celebrated its 10th Anniversary Year. During these ten years, donations have enabled us to:

  • Train more than 3000 iRest teachers in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and Israel, among other countries, as well as have invitations to teach iRest in Hong Kong, China and Japan. The iRest protocol has been translated into Spanish, German, Hebrew, French, Hindi and Nepali, and will eventually be available in Chinese and Japanese.
  • Grow the number of iRest teachers working with Veterans and Active Duty Military to include 13 military hospitals & bases; 38 Veteran Hospitals & Facilities, and 49 Non-Military organizations serving vets and active duty soldiers.
  • Support outreach programs focused on human trafficking relief, trauma relief, and the reintegration of returning service members and their families.
  • Support clinical research on iRest for enhancing health and well-being, and healing insomnia, PTSD, trauma, chronic pain, depression, chemical dependency, and general stress.
  • Grant over 100 educational scholarships to train teachers who, in turn, are sharing iRest around the world.

Looking to the next 10 years, I ask you to envision a major expansion of our work globally. We have raised $74,000 in contributions to date and we need your help to meet our goal of $90,000 by year-end. We depend on your donations to help keep our programs viable. These programs help veterans, youth, the homeless, and survivors of human trafficking. Your donations help us consult in clinical research studies. With your help, we can double scholarships granted to train teachers to bring iRest into centers around the world. I look forward to moving iRest into more facilities here at home and into even more countries as we continue to build our global community.

Your support makes the difference. IRI depends upon your contributions to keep our scholarship programs flourishing and train teachers who will go on to serve at-risk populations around the world, including veterans, survivors of human trafficking, and youth. Please help IRI continue to enliven the lives of those we serve.

Please affirm your commitment to support IRI.  "DONATE ONLINE,” or call our office at (415) 456-3909 and speak with Mary Jo about setting up your recurring or year-end donation. If you’re involved in estate planning or portfolio adjustment, please consider involving IRI in your plans.

If you’ve already made a gift to the IRI fund, I wholeheartedly thank you. I deeply appreciate your support. Your past, current, and future help is enabling us to grow our community, and bring these teachings to ever-expanding populations and locations.

Your generosity is our strength and I am so grateful to you for your support.

With joy in our journey together…


Your Team at the iRest Institute

Ross Guest, Executive Director, Board of Directors
Stephanie Lopez, Director of Operations, Board of Directors
Mary Jo Johnson, Communications, Fundraising and Project Management
Francisco Lopez, Event Coordination Manager
Jane Gibson, Front Office Management
Les Breeland, IT and Assistant to the ED
Mary Ellen Rose, Director of Military
Anne Douglas, Board of Directors
Jennifer Cabanero, Director of Trainings
Kirsten Guest, Director of Certification


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