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Australasia News

Dear iRest teachers, students and friends,

As iRest has grown and become popular in the Australasia region, we think it is time to provide you with a regular newsletter. We will release the Australasia newsletter in February to support your teaching and practise and to keep you informed of regional iRest news.

We recognize that most of you receive a lot of emails and other electronic correspondence, so our aim is to send a newsletter about once every 2 months with all the latest information on iRest teachings and events in Australasia. Our intention is to provide relevant updates and encourage a deepening sense of community. We hope you enjoy the offering. May this format serve you well!

Of course we will continue to make day-to-day updates on our Facebook page, which we hope you will ‘like’ if you haven’t done so already - www.facebook.com/IRIAustralasia

We trust 2017 will be a nourishing year for you.

Fuyuko Toyota, Director, IRI Australasia & Leigh Blashki, Associate Director, IRI Australasia


The News

We are excited to announce our own dedicated webpage for iRest Australasia. This has come about based on your support and enthusiasm for iRest in our region, so a big THANK YOU to you all! This will now serve as an easy and efficient way to look for local iRest trainings, retreats and events.

Check it out at www.irest.org.au

This will be an exciting year for iRest in Australasia, with some excellent opportunities for you as a teacher.

Among the initiatives are a number of dedicated Australasian pages on the IRI website.

This new regional web presence will include an enhanced promotion of Australasian teachers (who have listed themselves on the IRI website). This will make it easier for people to find a teacher. The new pages will also include a listing of some events offered by Australasian certified teachers.

Over time we anticipate that the new webpage www.irest.org.au and our Facebook page www.facebook/IRIAustralasia will be widely recognised as the ‘go-to’ place for information about our regional iRest teachers and events.


Some of you may have forgotten to register yourself as a teacher on the IRI website and we encourage you to follow the simple instructions in the link below if you would like to be included in the searchable listings.


Also if you haven’t already visited and ‘liked’ our Facebook page, we encourage you to do so! Your ‘like’ helps build the iRest profile in our region so that more people can find out about the teachings, practices and events. It is also a place for you to join in and share the various posts.

2017 Australasia iRest Event Schedule

We look forward to seeing you at a retreat or iRest training this year. Please feel free to share the following links with others who may be interested in attending our events.

Meditation: Pure Simple Direct - Seven Day Silent Retreat, with Dr Richard Miller with Fuyuko Toyota  April 9-15

iRest Level 1 training – Frankston Melbourne  May 23-28

iRest Level 2 training – Gold Coast  Sept 6-10

Resting as Awareness – Retreat in Bali with Stephanie Lopez and Fuyuko Toyota  Sept 15-21 Special Early Bird Pricing available now through 2/28/17!