Call for Volunteers for a Service Project

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”  - Mahatma Gahdhi 

Richard has shared wonderful teachings with us at numerous retreats over the years. During the evenings especially, he often speaks to aspects of the non-dual perspective and the pathless path of the Heart. We would like to get those evening talks and Q & A sessions transcribed and gathered into a book for all of us to enjoy. By doing so, we'll also be able to serve many others. For that we need your help. We need volunteers willing to transcribe the talks, taking somewhere between 10- 20 hours or so. This is a volunteer project with a gift of appreciation of service from IRI of a free subscription to either Richard’s Flowering of Freedom or Noble Adventure audio series for one year. As an alternative gift IRI is also offering the course When Self Falls Away. Of course, just transcribing the talks gives us the opportunity of diving into the teachings. If you are interested in volunteering for this service project, please contact Ron at:  

We are excited at the possibility of offering these satsangs in the form of a book so that many more can be touched by the teachings!  We look forward to sharing the final teachings with the Community.

Ron Sharp & The IRI Team