Website Profiles Needed!

Let the world know that you are teaching iRest. We have thousands of visitors to the IRI website each week.  Post your information to the website and be seen by the global community!

If you have completed a Level 1 Training, a Level 2 Training, or are a Certified Teacher, you can create a profile to post on the IRI website.   

It’s simple to do.  To create a Profile, first create an account on the IRI website by clicking on “My Account” on the top right of the IRI Homepage. Once you have created an account, and signed in, go to the Teachers Resources Page, then click the link - Continue to the Teachers Resources Page just under the page banner. On that page in the “iRest® Teacher Resources at a glance” section, you will find a bullet point entitled Post your Teacher Profile to IRI website.  Click on the link and follow the steps. 

Keep your Public Profile simple!  Be sure to include your picture, as well as your city, state or province and country.  This needs to be included in order for your profile to be searchable by the public.  Include a link to your website if you wish.   Tick the specialty boxes that apply to your teaching. Please note, your email is also important! IRI’s teacher profile page includes an anonymous contact link, where your page viewers can contact you, but IRI does not reveal your email.

Keep your Profile current.  When you become a Certified Teacher, be sure to update your profile to show this.  When you add or change teaching specialties, be sure to update your profile. We will update your status on our database, but only you can update your Public Profile.

Once created, go to Find a Teacher under the Teachers Menu and search by your name (first, last or both), location, specialty or teacher designation.  This will give you a sense of how to customize your profile to make you available for those interested.  It may also be helpful to search or view other teacher profiles.

Certified Teachers Events Page

If you are a Certified Teacher, you are encouraged to post your iRest teaching events on our Certified Teachers Event page.  Log in to the IRI website, and go to the Teachers Resources Center Page.  Click the “Create a Certified Teacher Event” at the top left of page.     

Be sure to include the both start and end dates of each offering, and this event will automatically come off the website just after the end date and the event is complete.  You can use this page to create a multi-day workshop, or a recurring weekly or monthly series.

Search Certified Teacher’s Events

Anyone can look for iRest events being offered around the world by looking under “Events” menu on the homepage, and selecting “Workshops and Classes by Certified Teachers”. We have over 200 Certified iRest Teachers around the globe.  Let’s share what we are doing with our own community!

We continually update these features, if you have a suggestion that would help you, we would love to hear it.

Please contact us here or call us at 415-456-3909 if you have any questions.