Simplicity of Meditation 2014 - Session 2: The Relative and the Absolute

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Monthly Meditation

The Relative and the Absolute

Being Aware of Sensations, Emotions, Thoughts, and World as objects appearing in awareness
To being aware of self as a witness of all objective reality
To being witnessing and abiding as being
To being aware of the subtle I-thought that maintains a sense of separation
To relinquishing identification with the I-thought and moving into being awareness
To going beyond being awareness into the absolute where there is no self-awareness
To coming back into the world knowing ourselves as the underlying essence in which there is no-separation, even as the mind projects separation

This zip file contains Monthly Meditation Series, February 2014: Opening Meditation (MP3), Talk (MP3), Meditation (MP3), Final Words (MP3), The Relative and the Absolute (PDF).

Recorded February 20, 2014 at YogaWorks Larkspur, CA

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