iRest® Institute Certification Program

What is iRest Certification? iRest Certification is a comprehensive process by which students who have attended iRest Level 1 Training or higher undergo an in-depth process of study and practice of the iRest teachings with the guidance and supervision of an iRest Mentor. Upon completion of all requirements—including attending an iRest Level 2 Training, a short retreat, and a long retreat—graduates earn the title of Certified iRest Teacher. This title conveys to the public that the teacher possesses a thorough understanding of the principles and teachings that underlie iRest, and has accomplished the highest level of teacher training iRest Institute provides.

When Do I Apply for iRest Certification? An individual may begin the iRest Certification program any time after completing iRest Level 1 Training, but not more than 24 months after the completion of any iRest event (Teacher Training, Immersion, or Retreat). If it has been longer than 24 months after attending one such event, an individual will need to attend one of the aforementioned events in order to regain eligibility.

Why Would I Want to Become iRest Certified? The iRest Certification program provides a unique opportunity for in-depth study and practice of the iRest teachings including additional readings, assignments, and one-on-one supervision by an iRest Mentor. This is an opportunity to fine-tune an individual approach or focus, gain greater skill in teaching to a specific population, and develop a stronger relationship to teaching and practicing iRest.

In addition, successfully completing the iRest Certification program leads to designation as a Certified iRest Teacher. This designation may open doors for teachers who are taking iRest into various public, private, and professional settings. iRest is recognized for its unique contribution as a research-backed protocol. Designation as a Certified iRest Teacher gives assurance to the public that they are receiving the iRest protocol from an experienced iRest teacher who can deliver the same protocol as has been shown effective in said research.

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