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Awakening to Your Essential Nature

Richard Miller, PhD applies his decades of experience and expertise to orient you to the practice of nondual meditation. Richard weaves history, philosophy and instruction with an ancient map of meditation to reveal how you can develop and navigate your own​ ​practice of meditation.

Awakening to Your Essential Nature is the MP3 version of a​ 2 CD set of recordings which complement each other.​

Your Path, Buddha's Path​ (Lecture), Richard Miller traces the path of...

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Meditation Pure, Simple, Direct

Meditative Self Inquiry

“An encounter with meditation teacher Richard Miller is an encounter you don’t forget. Richard is one of this generation’s most important teachers of nondual wisdom. He reminds us that in our true nature we are already free, enlightened, and awake, and that in any moment we can savor Divine presence.” —Stephen Cope

Meditative self-inquiry invites you to step through the door of the known and awaken to your essential nature in this and every moment; to “...

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Meditative Self Inquiry (MP3 & PDF Download)

Meditative Self Inquiry

"Give yourself to the one who already owns your breath and moments." —Rumi

Meditation invites you to step through the door of your known and awaken to the unexpected: to joy, wonder, astonishment, and your authentic aliveness. Join Richard as he shares the nondual teachings of awakening through discussion, gentle BodySensing movement, and guided meditation to reveal and celebrate the mystery of being, and being in the world.

Hear concepts and...

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The Skillful Use of NonDual Opposites in Psychotherapy (MP3 & PDF Download)

The Skillful Use of NonDual Opposites in Psychotherapy

Learn to work with naturally arising opposites of sensation, emotion, and cognition during the psychotherapeutic hour within the framework of nondual awareness to dissolve fixations within the body and mind and open insight.
1) Skillful use of opposites with students/clients/yourself to support healing and well-being
2) How opposites conceal, as well as reveal your ground of nondual wholeness
3) Utilize...


Give Yourself to the One Who Already Owns Your Breath (MP3 Download)

Give Yourself to the One Who Already Owns Your Breath

Self-inquiry invites you to step through the door of the known and awaken to your authentic aliveness, your essential nature: 'This,' which is simple, beautiful, equanimous, indescribable, and yet undeniable, neither coming nor going, ever-present, yet so often ignored because of its simplicity. Here, fear, suffering, and anxiety dissolves. We abide as equanimity, love, and joy in the midst of daily life. We are at peace. This is the...


Rest in the Joy of Life! (MP3 Download)

During this intimate gathering recorded during the holiday season of 2011, Richard Miller invites us to take time to Rest in the Joy of Life!

Themes explored on this recording include the welcoming of joy, recognizing the essential aspects of our own Being, and cultivating the end of suffering.

This zip file contains the Opening Meditation (MP3), Discussion (MP3), iRest Practice (MP3), and Final Words (MP3).

Recorded December 11, 2011 at YogaWorks...


Breathing for Life (MP3 Download)

Breathing for Life: The Principles and Practices of Ujjayi Pranayama, 'The Breath that Conquers All'

Richard Miller offers guided breathing practices in:

  • Ujjayi pranayama
  • Anuloma ujjayi
  • Viloma ujjayi
  • Pratiloma ujjayi
  • Breathing meditation

Including an extended introduction to the theory and practice of Pranayama and Ujjayi Breathing Available for download only in MP3 audio format.

Please note, you will...


Sounds of Silence - Chants to the Divine (MP3 Download)

Sounds of Silence offers traditional Sanskrit chants that have been sung for thousands of years in celebration of our interrelated oneness with all of life. Included are chants that Richard often sings during our retreats, including:

Asato Ma: From darkness to light
Atma Hrdaye: The heart we are
BrahmaViharas: Four noble attitudes
Dawn Chant: Pure Being eternal witness
Gayatri: Song of light
Lokah: Peace to all
Maya Mrityunjaya: Fire chant
Peace Chant of...


Samkhya Karika (pdf download)

The Samkhya Karika forms the root philosophy that is the spiritual heart of Yoga as we know and practice it today. Kapila codified Samkhya as an oral tradition around 750 BCE, and Isvara Krsna gave us the written text during the 2nd century ACE. While few have studied Samkhya, its philosophy has made its way into many of the spiritual traditions from Yoga to Buddhism and beyond. Updated version, 2012 The original text contains 60 verses. In the centuries following...

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Enlightened Living (pdf download)

Venkatesananda offers us his exquisite, and often nondual, interpretative translation of the Yoga Sutra of Patañjâli, which expounds the means for realizing our true identity as unchanging, unqualified Presence. Paperback book now available on

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